Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Tips for extraordinary health and long life

Beware of advice when those giving that advice are making money from it

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5G cell / mobile phone EMF radiation

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)

Air ionizers

Alcohol - in moderation, good or bad?

Alkaline water

Astaxanthin - antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Attitude and traits for a long life

Bacteria are vital for your immune system

Bacteria, red meat, and heart disease

Best time of day for your main meal?

Birth - Are hospitals the best place to deliver a baby?

Birth - Wait a few minutes after birth before clamping the umbilical cord

Black tea and various diseases - the benefits and the risks

Blood thinning - the natural way, without drugs

Body Clock - best time of day to work, think, eat, exercise ...

Cell phone EMF radiation, 4G and 5G

Chocolate (dark chocolate) and cacao - are they your friend?

Chronotype - having an "early" or a "late" constitution and how this affects your health

Coconut oil - it may be worth taking a second look

Coffee's numerous antioxidant and protective benefits - research

Cooking - the golden rules for maximum nutrition

Craving - reduce food craving with imagery

Craving - how to re-train your brain to crave healthy foods

Creativity for a long life

Cuddling, touch, physical affection - research

Dentists. World wide directory of safe mercury-free holistic dentists

Detox with a clay soak

Doctors - What if they are not available?

Early bird or night owl? Which chronotype are you? This affects your health

Eating fast - research compares slow and fast eaters

Eating fast - research compares slow and fast eaters

Eggs and weight loss

EMF radiation, 4G and 5G

Exercise - Inactivity, no exercise at all, is very dangerous

Exercise - interval training to increase your life span

Exercise - regular exercise as a young adult gives a slimmer, lighter body in middle age and onwards

Exercise - a combination of aerobic and strength training is more effective for weight loss

Exercise - skin aging slowed or even reversed. Stronger effect for older people.

Exercise - 3x10 minute walks per day better than 1x30 minute walk - blood pressure research

Exercise - Walking and your memory - research

Exercise - Walking is one of the keys to youth

Farmed fish is dangerously toxic

Fat - where it is located on your body is crucial

Fat or carbohydrate for a long, slim life?

Fish and seafood - good for your colon?

Fish - farmed fish is dangerously toxic

Flax seed oil?

Food - processed, golden rules for profit

Fluoride in your tap water?

Fluoridation is compulsory mass medication, New Zealand Supreme Court rules

Fructose - the sugar that makes you fat

Fructose - the liver toxin

Fructose malabsorption - a surprisingly common cause of flatulence, bloating and distension, diarrhoea, indigestion/stomach pain/abdominal pain, fatigue/lack of energy/tiredness, brain fog/negative emotions, nausea or even vomiting

Giving. Generosity is good for you, and makes you live longer

GM foods. Avoid all genetically modified foods

Graduation address to new medical doctors

Green tea - the health benefits

Gut microbiome - many non-antibiotic pharmaceutical drugs affect the growth of gut microbes.

Happiness and other emotions are contagious

Herbs - a warning

Heart disease - new evidence on whether red meat is a cause or not

Honey - is it a medicine or a fungus-feeder?

Honey and cinnamon - powerful traditional cure, research agrees

Hunger - are you suffering from inappropriate hunger?

Inactivity? Very risky. Study shows how light exercise makes a big difference

Iodine - the universal cure

Israel bans all water fluoridation

Lens implant in your eye? A tip

Magnesium, one of my special youthing secrets

Mangosteen juice

Memory - social interaction is vital

Memory - the effect of a quick nap

Memory and physical exercise - research

Memory and TV watching - research

Microwave cell phone and mobile phone EMF radiation, 4G and 5G

Middle age, menopause and weight gain

Mushrooms for health and longevity

My friend Bill and the Peaceful Pill

Natural blood thinners - without drugs

New doctors graduation address

New Zealand Supreme Court rules that fluoridation is compulsory mass medication

Night owl or early bird? Which chronotype are you? This affects your health

Noni juice - expensive hype?

Obesity and social networks - you tend to be like your friends

Olive leaf extract - got any olive trees nearby? A great all-rounder for youthing

Patient satisfaction with doctors. Satisfied patients may be deluded

Peri-menopause - the horrible 6-10 years before menopause

Pharmaceuticals - Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)

Pharmaceuticals - golden rules for profit

Pharmaceuticals - what the law allows big pharma to do

Pharmaceuticals - Many non-antibiotic drugs affect the growth of gut microbes.

Postpartum Depression - the severe consequences

Posture - your posture can change your life

Premenstrual Syndrome - does it affect you?

Processed food - golden rules for profit

Recipes - long life foods

Red meat - new evidence on how red meat may be a cause of heart disease through the action of bacteria

Reduced-fat foods make you fatter

Risk. The most dangerous places to go and things to consume

Runners live longer - plenty of evidence

Rules for profitable pharmaceutical drugs

Rules for profitable processed foods

Salads - which have the most antioxidants?

Salt - the significant difference between natural salt and refined salt

Sitting all day? Very risky. Studies show how even light exercise makes a big difference

Six ordinary foods that are extra-ordinary

Sleep - waking up with a restless energy surge

Sleep - the optimal number of hours for a long life

Sleep for brain detox - explanation

Social status. Your social ranking affects your health

Speedy eating is associated with obesity

Sugar and fiat currencies have a lot in common

Sunscreens - do you need to use sunscreen?

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D

Supplements - most are not necessary, a few are harmful

Take breaks in tasks for mental performance

Tea (black tea) and various disease - the benefits and the risks

Tea (green tea) - the health benefits

Telomeres - how to be 10 years younger at a cellular level

Teeth - how to save them

Time of day - best time to work, think, eat, exercise ...

Vegetables - raw or lightly cooked?

Vegetables - the golden rules for maximum nutrition

Vegetable storage - how to make your vegetables last longer

Vitamin C - not so useful on its own. Needs to be taken with natural bioflavonoids

Vitamin D - why sunlight is the best source

Walking and your memory - research

Walking - one of the keys to youth

Water fluoridation - which countries?