Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

The Grow Youthful Recipe Book (2nd edition)

For example, sugar is the number one enemy of longevity. So none of my recipes use sugar (sucrose).

The Grow Youthful Recipe Book includes many traditional recipes. You can make some of them hours or days before you use them. They are slow foods (the opposite to fast-food).

Many recipes use whey and friendly lacto bacteria that you can easily and cheaply make in your kitchen to preserve and enrich your food. Your drinks and dishes become more delicious, more nutritious and keep much longer.

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One effect of converting to this long-life diet is that you will feel less hungry and more satisfied. These high-nutrient recipes sustain you all day, and reduce your desire for snacking or sugary foods that lead to weight gain and aging. In contrast, processed foods are deliberately made to be addictive, leading to cycles of hunger and energy swings.

Follow these recipes and you will produce amazing foods. As you learn the principles in this recipe book, your friends and family will come to regard you as gifted in the preparation of healthy slow foods.

I wish I'd had this recipe book years ago

I have been able to download your eBook with no trouble at all, and I must say that it is an absolutely wonderful book - just what I have been looking for, and I am going to get much use out of it! I too, have pretty much given up with Doctors, and sick and tired of being given, among other things, anti-biotics, which do nothing except make me feel worse, and was thinking that there must be a better way to heal myself, so was most happy to have discovered your website, and your recipe book. After reading through your book I finally (yesterday) invested in a low speed electric juicer, and look forward to making your delicious and healthy juices. I am also excited about making Kombucha, sour dough breads, and so many more of your wonderful recipes. I have already started drinking my water warm, instead of the usual glass of cold, and it certainly goes down a lot easier, especially that first glass of the day. I send you a big thank you for this wonderful gift of your book, and for all of your valuable advice and recipes, and I look forward to my 'journey' towards good health, energy, and happiness! I am now also going to send your web page link to all of my family and friends."
Jenni Cozens, Auckland, New Zealand.

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In my recipe book I will teach you how to use food to help your body heal itself. I can tell you from firsthand experience there's nothing easier than using great food for true health and longevity.

In this long life recipe book you'll also discover ...

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The Grow Youthful website includes an avurvedic body type test. After many years of research, I have found it the best method for selecting foods for health and longevity. Your test results will be emailed to you, and include:

Quick, easy meals that are:

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