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Processed food pretending to be real food

A friend gave me a litre tub of ice cream - yum. I love ice cream, but its not something I normally buy so I hadn't looked at its packaging before. This particular ice cream was Sarah Lee Strawberry Cheesecake. The ingredients list contained approximately 38 items. Would you believe that only two of them were real foods? Cream and strawberries. The other 36 items listed were several types of sugars, and a range of chemicals and food derivatives. In large letters next to the list was a label saying "No Added Preservatives or Colouring".

In a few years time, these "food" manufacturers are going to be regarded in the same way that we now look at the manufacturers of asbestos and tobacco products. Perhaps the food manufacturers are more insidious and deceitful. Cigarettes and asbestos cement sheets were never sold as natural, and healthy, and safe for families and children. Shame on the people who run these companies.

Thick high-fat cream (preferably organic), butter and free-range eggs are all healthy and sustaining foods. Ice cream made with these ingredients along with a vanilla pod and perhaps a dash of raw honey, maple syrup or rapadura (crystallised sugar cane juice) is a delicious and nourishing food. Unfortunately the ingredients cost more and the product doesn't have a shelf life measured in years.

A century ago when people used to eat healthy traditional foods, heart attacks, obesity and many of today's degenerative diseases were so rare that many doctors never got to see a single case.

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