Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Have you had a lens implanted / inserted in your eye?

Here is a tip if you have had a new lens inserted in your eye after a cataract removal operation. I had such an operation many years ago, very successfully. However, my eyelids always seemed to be slightly red, and there was regularly mucus in the corners when I woke up in the mornings. My doctor confirmed that there was a chronic but low level infection there. I tried some antibiotic eye drops but they were no help at all. They reduced the infection but it came back after the course had been completed according to his instructions.

Something to do with the lens implants seemed to be causing this minor infection. What I did that cleared the problem was exercise my eyes. I spend most of the day sitting in front of the computer or reading. My eyes are focused at one length and in one position most of this time. I now take one or two minutes a couple of times a day whenever I remember, to look to the right, look to the left, look up, and down. I focus on the tip of my nose, and then do big circles clockwise and anticlockwise. Somehow the exercise of the eye muscles, especially looking at the spot on my forehead between my eyes and then relaxing, seems to drain or enable flushing and cleaning of the eyes, especially around the implant. My infection disappeared within a couple of days and my eyes are clear.

It takes months for the eye to fully recover and strengthen after the operation, so do not do this exercise to early or too vigorously. Check with your surgeon or doctor as to the level of exercise allowed.

For eye infections like pinkeye or conjunctivitis, the most popular and effective remedy by far here at Grow Youthful is apple cider vinegar. It stings like crazy when you put it in your eye, so carefully read the comments of Grow Youthful visitors to understand exactly how they use ACV. It can clear up long-standing eye infections within hours (or minutes).