Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

The World's First Iatrogenic Pandemic

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Imagine a world in which chronic illnesses are not merely suppressed by complex formulas of drugs, but treated with the latest insights into diet (particularly involving micronutrients such as zinc, iodine and selenium), exercise (including interval training), fasting/carbohydrate-concentration, psychotherapy, yoga, and herbalism - and yes, including even traditional Chinese medicine.

Imagine Western countries in which most of the population older than fifty are not on complex formulas of artificial, patented, profitable, tax-subsidised drugs, none of which has actually cured (rather than temporarily alleviated) any illness.

Imagine a Northern Hemisphere in which those with dark skins (genetically hailing from Africa and the Indian subcontinent), prone to deficiency of vitamin D during the dimness of long winters, are systematically supplemented with vitamin D instead of the current political correctness in which doctors shun any recommendation with even the slightest racial overtone.

Imagine a world in which antibiotics are not abused to the point of undermining the long-term immunity of whole populations by corrupting the gut microbiome. A world in which any patient showing flu-like symptoms is given large doses of cheap vitamin C, which seems so effective that ascorbate qualifies as a true medicine.

Now imagine the China virus sweeping through that world. Would we even have noticed?

How many would have died, even in the category of old men?

In that world the China virus might have hit us so lightly that it would not even be called a pandemic, let alone caused us to shut down our economies. You may then realise that most of the deaths from covid-19 - at least in those areas which have not been particularly air-polluted by big industry such as Wuhan itself - have been iatrogenic.

It has previously been acknowledged that a major cause of mortality in western countries is iatrogenesis, in which 'errors' in medical and pharmaceutical treatment are a common actual cause of the patient's death. Such error can be of commission (reliance on drugs which suit the pharmaceutical industry rather than the patient) or of omission. A particular example of a sin of omission in this pandemic has been the failure of the medical-pharmaceutical industry to prescribe and supply the simple and probably effective treatment of zinc (using hydroxychloroquine as an aid to getting this nutrient into the cells where it is needed to curtail replication of the China virus).

However, does the current pandemic not emerge as so iatrogenic that perhaps we can call it the world's first iatrogenic pandemic? What this virus seems to have done is not so much to cause death as to unmask chronic suppression, thus producing an alarming synchrony in deaths which can no longer be ignored? Most of these persons were set up for death anyway, but the iatrogenic nature of their deaths would have been demographically hidden in more normal times.

Now also please consider all the fear engendered in populations in the last few months, as whole countries have been 'locked down' with enforced personal isolation. Does this fear not, in itself, reduce immunity? And, if so, can the blame for inadvertent 'fearmongering' not also be laid at the feet of medical authorities? Is the fear itself not, in a sense, an iatrogenic cause of death?

Has death by the China virus really, to a large extent, been death by medical malpractice? And, if so, will any collapse of economies not have been ultimately caused by the corruption and greed of the pharmaceutical industry in particular?

Thanks to Dr Antoni Milewski for this article.

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