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You try to care for your body and your loved ones, you make an effort to buy healthy foods, you follow the latest health news and breakthroughs, yet you are still tired, overweight or stressed and have several ailments.

So what's really harming you?

Big food, big pharma, big supplements, big health care and big personal care.

These giant industries own the government regulators, manipulate published scientific research, enjoy grossly unfair and one-sided laws, and control and spin the media. They do this by lobbying (bribery and threats) and through outright corruption.

Regulations are heavily stacked in favour of big corporations and against small and family businesses. Small businesses are more likely to produce healthy traditional foods, nurturing ways of caring for yourself and natural remedies that have integrity. In contrast, big corporations have an overwhelming advantage with huge budgets for advertising, spin and media.

You're not being told the truth.

Genuinely healthy foods and medicines are deliberately discredited or even outlawed. Cheap or low cost (or no cost) ways of caring for you and your loved ones are lost or forgotten. People are taught and brainwashed to assume that good health is very expensive. Big business does all it can to hide traditional, natural, cheap and really effective remedies and ways of sustaining and caring for your body. Many of these cheap or free, natural, un-patented home remedies are hundreds of times more effective than expensive, patented pharmaceutical medicines that are supposed to heal you. Despairingly, few people know that. When you've been led to believe that good health comes from expensive pills and medical procedures, it takes an open-minded change of belief to realise that the truth is the opposite.

Medical doctors simply don't know about better, more effective (and very cheap) alternatives. They are banned in medical school. Instead, doctors are held hostage to expensive, patented pharmaceutical medicines and forced to use nothing else, at the risk of being deregistered.

What really works and what doesn't?

Thirteen golden rules for profitable processed foods (truthful black humour).

1. Addictive. If you can make your foods addictive you will lock in profits, year after year. Your customers will also eat more. Sugar is the cheapest and most addictive ingredient, especially fructose or high fructose corn syrup. Other hard-to-give-up ingredients commonly used include highly-refined salt, caffeine, caseinates and casomorphins. Your goal is not to satisfy, but rather to induce repeated purchases.
2. Long shelf life. Ideally your food is tough and inert, so it won't be damaged in rough transport, and will last in harsh conditions for years. Avoid soft, delicate perishables which cut deeply into your profits because they need gentle handling, cooling, care and attention.

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Six golden rules for profitable pharmaceutical drugs (truthful black humour).

1. Do NOT cure the ailment! A cured patient is a lost profit stream.
2. Rapidly relieve the symptoms of an ailment immediately after taking a pill. Relief continues for only a limited time until the next dose is due.
3. Lock in the customer. Keep the patient as a customer for the remainder of his or her life. The best drugs are difficult to discontinue.
4. Have monopoly pricing. This is achieved with a secure patent, being available only under pharma company and doctor control,

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Graduation address to new medical doctors.

Every new doctor needs to read this, and more importantly, every person thinking of going into medicine.
Congratulations to all of you as new doctors of medicine. It has been a long and hard journey, much longer than nearly every other degree you could have chosen. Even after your graduation today, you still have a year or two of internship, and perhaps years of specialisation if you so choose.
You were among the brightest, most intelligent school leavers. Those of you who started medicine as mature-age students passed all the tests,

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Enjoy effortless weight loss, vibrant health and tireless energy

Most supplements are not helpful, many are harmful.

If you are:
- healthy, and have an effective digestive system
- live in an area that has rich soils with a good variety of trace elements
- live in a pristine area (not subject to high levels of pollution)
- enjoy a diet exclusively of local, ripe and organic foods
- eat a variety of nutrient-dense foods

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Why I don't use sunscreens.

I personally do not use sunscreens, for several reasons. Remember, your body can absorb substances from your skin. Want to test that? Crush a clove of garlic and rub it on the soles of your feet. Put some socks on and leave it there for an hour. Then ask someone to smell your breath or under your arms. Garlic!
I do not trust the chemicals sunscreens contain, so choose not to put them on my skin.
I also have a saying that you should be willing to eat anything you rub onto your skin. Would you be willing to put your sunscreen in your mouth?

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Tips for extraordinary health and long life.

Beware of advice when those giving that advice are making money out of it.
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)
Alkaline water - good or bad?
Attitude and traits for a long life
Bacteria, red meat, and heart disease

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A list of remedies that big pharma and their medical friends would prefer to hide and discredit.

Apple cider vinegar
Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
Blood thinners (natural)
Gum turpentine

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Ailments & remedies

Traditional, natural, effective home remedies that REALLY work! See participants comments and votes on which natural cures work best.

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Miraculous low-cost or free home remedies

How to slow your aging

I'll show you how to care for your body the way nature intended. Research shows that it is possible to live well beyond 100 years. Importantly, your later years need not be feeble years of senility. Discover how to lower your biological age and keep a strong, fully functional body.


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"You have a rare gift - your book is the most comprehensive study of health and longevity that I have come across; at the same time it is easy to read and beautifully referenced"
Brenda Hill, Perth, Australia

"Your book is terrific. I'm gaining a lot from each chapter even though I have already done a fair amount of reading prior to buying your book. Your advice on how to exercise properly is probably the most helpful to me and is information I haven't been able to obtain elsewhere in a way that makes total sense and doesn't contradict itself. However all the chapters clarify things I thought I knew but didn't understand well enough to put into practice. Many thanks"
Amanda. Bentleigh East, Melbourne, Australia

"I am glad I come across your book and wish more people could get hold of it. Grow Youthful is well written with so much useful information and quite complete. I am not sure how you manage to gather so much relevant information. Thanks for putting out so much knowledge and making it available to us."
Shirley Wong, Singapore

"My family refers to Grow Youthful as "our health bible". I am in my 70's and it is the best reference I have come across in many years for everything important concerning health and long life"
Philomena Too, Singapore

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