Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Petrol (gasoline)

Comment posted by Embarrassed anonymous male39 of Kerrville, TX, USA on 17 August 2023 at 16:27       5486

I have a minor case of scabies. I already tried tea tree oil and clove oil. It did work and it cleared up but about two weeks later they were back. I wash everything daily, clean my area, shower 2-3 times daily. Today I tried gasoline on a rag then lightly went over the area that is affected mainly the inside part of my elbows. I saw the mites surfacing about 8 in total. I'm hoping the eggs if any die. Will follow up in 3 days then again in 3 weeks, to see if it worked and if I would recommend.

Comment posted by Kristy of East Perth, WA, Australia on 16 January 2023 at 2:49       5416

I honestly do not think these things are demodex mites. I can easily obtain samples of them without having to find burrows or having to search my hair. It’s bad enough I’ve lost patches of hair from my scalp and 80% of the length from breakage. They also nest in the bonds of my hair extensions where they are very hard to separate. I’m not sure if mange in animals is the same as what they describe demodex for humans to be, but zoonotic mange is what it looks like on my scalp. I don’t think they are demodex as they can live on hair that isn’t attached to a living host, because they are also in my hair extensions and wigs. When I have not worn them for weeks, if I pick them up I can see them scurry to try and burrow in the hair. Tonight I rinsed my head in petrol, because I couldn’t care less anymore about the risks of chemicals. When you read about treating mange in livestock they recommend to wash them in petrol, and that any of the stock that are grossly infested and show no improvement following petrol treatment should be culled. My dermatologist won’t even take a sample, she only wants to do a blood test to check my thyroid and check for syphilis or immune disorder. I asked her to take a sample of these things in my hair. She said no we would just treat whatever the tests showed. So many people from all over the world experiencing this, it needs a formal enquiry. Google, CDC, same thing they would sooner refer you to a psychologist than a dermatologist. If there are so many suffers that have made so many attempts to get some answers then why is the medical or professional community acting like you are the first person with these types of symptoms? I feel as though the response from these professionals is almost like an automated one that completely dismisses the possibility of it being a parasite infection.

Comment posted by Dennis of Nairobi, riftvalley, Kenya on 24 May 2017 at 16:17       4618

In Africa we use petrol to kill every type of mite and parasite that sticks to the skin all over the body and in pubic hair around genitals. I used it and all over the body but avoid contact with your eyes. You just apply using a clean sponge all over the body. Apply it on the shaved head, in eyebrows, around genitals and avoid applying to any cut skin due to irritation. Inside the nose and ears use earbuds to avoid excessive petrol that can cause harm.

Aways apply after a warm bath in the morning, afternoon and evening when you go to bed. Always take a warm bath. Do this for 3 days. Do not apply any lotions till 3 days are finished.

Do this when you are using the 3 days petrol to kill mites on your body by also washing your bed covers, underwear, pillow case by soaking them using hot boiled water with detergent and let it soak for one day full so that next day you do the washing. Wipe your bed with petrol to avoid the breeding of mites from spreading. This helps to never get any remailing mite around. Please remember to wash your living room and bedrooms with washing detergents that are effective. If you follow this steps you will smile the fourth day sleeping like a new born baby without itchy skin.

I prefer petrol rather than paraffin because petrol is 100% effective. Trust me they will all be gone because petrol kills every type of mite or parasite that sticks on the skin.