Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Alcohol

Comment posted by May Belle of West Hartford, CT, USA on 13 November 2019 at 10:58       5187

I am 62 and suffered from what I am now pretty sure is demodex mites for a year and half. I stayed a few days at a place where the cleanliness of bedding was sketchy, and also got too much sun at the same time. I got a bit of redness on one cheek and my nose had little red bumps. I have used rubbing alcohol on my face to bring the mites to surface and then put tea tree oil on to kill them. I realized my hot water in the house I was renting was not set high enough. It was 120 and it should be over 130 I believe from what I have read. Before the Landlord adjusted it I used eucalyptus in my laundry for sheets and towels as that kills dust mites and maybe all mites. I used a few drops of eucalptus mixed in water and added to wash. I also used 1 cup or so of white vinegar in rinse cycles. This killed germs and freshened things and softened the sheets and towels. I used niacinamide on my skin and my skin seems really much better in just a few weeks. I have been using a silk pillowcase for a few months too and that was helping some. Mites don t like silk. So hot water and eucalyptus are my recommendations. I do mop the house with vinegar, and vacuum our rugs and use borax on them.

Comment posted by Hope99 of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA on 15 March 2018 at 5:28       4959

I remove head lice for a living, and I know that high heat, dry air, alcohol (I use ethanol not isopropyl alcohol which is poisonous) and Listerine kill lice, so I figured I'd give them a try when I had scabies. The itching was relentless, so as soon as I was diagnosed, I went home and poured two big containers of amber Listerine in the bath tub. Listerine has a high alcohol content and contains essential oils that numb the itching, it's basically an antiseptic. I climbed in and used a cup and washcloth to pour it over the itchy areas and really rub it in. After that, I filled the tub up with more water and just soaked in it for as long as possible. After I used the blow dryer on highest setting to dry off. The previous commenters aren't kidding when they say it feels orgasmic. I can't even explain it. It feels like you are itching the rash deep into your skin without even touching your skin. It feels soooo good. Then I'd blow dry my skin again before bed. I also would pour pure ethanol alcohol 158 proof on a washcloth and rub the itchy parts and let air dry. I did the baths every other day for a week. I really believe that's what killed the mites so quickly. During one bath I also used table salt with the ethanol alcohol to make a slurry to really rub into the itchy rashes where the mites were. It exfoliates the skin layers so the alcohol can get deep into your skin to kill the burrowed females. Bottom line, blow dryer and Listerine and generic pure grain alcohol will kill these little suckers and give instant itch relief.

Question posted by Hope of Stockholm, Sverige, Sweden on 19 January 2018 at 6:34       4905

Hi, thank you all for this fantastic group, this is totally new for me. Mites exploded in my life after a long super-stressful period when everything that could go wrong really did. After 6-7 weeks of renovating the 30 flats I live in they put plastic all around, then changed our windows without installing ventilation for fresh air. They totally closed off all air by putting tape over all windows probably because of painting and other work. One week after that I woke up one morning with itching rashes under my breasts. I have never had anything like that, no eczema or something so it was really a bit worrying. Then because of where they were located and my age, 57 I went to the doc to check if it was herpes zoster, we call it beltrose in Swedish . Doc said no, it looks more as if something has bitten you! One week after that, and after seeing another doc, I had a typical rosacea mark on my left cheek, acne on the other and all over my chest and back, itching, crawling. I thought I’d caught scabies, but two doctors said no. No one even had a microscope and one told me to get that ghost out of my brain and get some psychiatry.

Question: Can it be that when we got no fresh air, and there was air coming IN where dirty old air is supposed to get OUT that I have caught this from one of my neighbours? I am newly divorced, my youngest son 20 years old lived with me at this time and his eyes became red and he started complaining of itching skin at the same time. This was November and two weeks later I told him to move to his dad since I was afraid he would also get this thing from hell. He is now fine, but I have had a living hell.

I am depressed, have had to clean EVERYTHING all the time because of a black yucky powder with black spots that lays everywhere in this flat if I’m not fast enough to wipe it off. All my carpets and stuff I don't need is in my store now. I don’t vacuum clean, instead I use superhot water 90C morning and evening to clean everything, bedclothes etc.

I have heard from other neighbours that they got red eyes, runny nose and they all complain over the poor ventilation but I don’t dare to ask them about this. Waited since November to have someone from the company that owns the building to come and inspect. They finally made contact with the environment department and others so things are probably going to speed up now, but I just need to know how I could get this shit without hugging anyone else than my dog. Very short fur Amstaff Rottweiler who has nothing in his fur and no itching. My grownup kids are all well. Can this spread from ventilation between apartments? I have gone from having a big family, dog, girlfriends, sons living with me a lot to now being totally on my own in this apartment since first week of December. I have not worked a lot because of this exhausting regimen to keep everything clean. I can do work from home, but need to see customers in the health food business and I panic when thinking that this will continue.

I want to share one trick before I stop. If you want to clean up your pores follicles put pure aloe vera jelly all over your face or a spot you want to treat. Let it stay for 2-3 minutes, then rub on AlkoGel (alcohol, aloe vera). We can buy it cheaply in the grocery store here in Stockholm. You will soon see white, greasy things popping up. Continue to rub and pick the white stuff away. I use wet paper towels. Rinse with clean water and spray colloidal silver. I also use one glass of water mixed with 2 table spoons with MSM (Methy-Sulfonyl-Methane). This will freshen up all the affected area and has been the best of all products I have tried. But after reading all these comments I will for sure try the hydrogen peroxide. SOOOO GRATEFUL for this group! The aloe, AlkoGel, colloidal silver and MSM has made my life better and my skin much more beautiful again, but still I have the itching and biting on my feet and legs. I don’t go barefoot in here any longer! Big hug to all of you suffering from this devastating creep.

Comment posted by Anna of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia on 29 August 2017 at 7:37       4726

I am 71 years old, and my problems started when we lived in a house with a neighbour’s chicken yard three metres from our living room.
I have had the crawling and biting symptoms of others on this forum for about seven years, and although washing daily with borax and adding tea tree oil to body wash and shampoo has helped a lot, I have recently found something that is cheap and easy to apply and has made a dramatic difference.
I have read other letters and adopted some of their ideas such as applying mineral oil to my face and then tto and wiping off with paper towel twice a day, and also realising that something on our skin is causing the problem such as yeast or fungus. I know that alcohol can kill fungus so I purchased a large container of hand sanitation 70% alcohol from Cheap as Chips. When showering first apply this liberally over my entire body, leave for a few minutes and then wash off with my normal TTO body wash.
Incidentally I am gluten intolerant and have compromised immune system t which makes it more difficult for my body to detox. I hope this remedy will help someone else, and I think it is less damaging than permethrin and steroids. In fact, I haven’t noticed any downside to it at all. I do not know the precise affliction that I have but it has been a very difficult time for me as my husband has not had any problem at all.

Comment posted by Candida Crawly of Princeton, WI, USA on 25 August 2017 at 12:58       4719

I have had crawling sensations in my hair, body, face, ears, nose and rest of my body for 6 months. I was suicidal. I had it 2 years ago and it was gone in 3 months. I have been to doctors, the ER, and dermatologists, and they all think I am delusional. From what I have read, I thought I had Morgellons, now I think I have overabundance of Demodex mites. It turns out that when the mites produce an antigen, our bodies fail to make the antibody to fight them off. This can result from a weakened immune system, namely hypothyroidism. I have spent thousands on cures, and now I have to focus on what helps, because I don't think I will ever get rid of it. I know being in the direct sunlight helps because the mites don't like the heat and light. They get bad around midnight to sun up. I have to sleep with ice packs on my head because they don't like the extreme cold either trying keeping that on your head, it's not easy under a cap. I cannot sleep with my husband anymore because I move around all night long. I cannot plan anything because if I cannot sleep, I become very depressed. My husband does not have the problem because he does not have hypothyroidism. One thing that works, I found out the hard way, is consuming alcohol, in my instance, micro brews because they are high in ethanol content. It will kill them off, but never the larva, so a week later you are back to square one. I have had a nervous breakdown, am on disability, have almost committed suicide, and am basically on my own, with answers only from other people who have the problem.

Comment posted by Lin B. of Mesa, Arizona, USA on 12 June 2017 at 9:47       4642

I thought I was allergic to everything I ate. We had gotten the flu in November of 2016 and it lasted into 2017. Obviously our immune systems were very low and this is what I now know caused us to be infested with the demodex mites. I had dry eye for years and was being treated for it but still the skin breakouts continued. Redness, swelling, blurry vision etc. Well, when I saw these mites on youtube, I just about went crazy and we stared to research this issue. We found TTO and alcohol mixed with distilled water was something to use daily. I bought a huge bottle and put it in our shampoo. Washed the sheets and towels often and used Borax. After reading all the posts here, we will now be more aggressive with the Borax and HP solution. We are better and the waxy eyelids are going away and our eyes feel great when we use Boric Acid washes several times a day. Yes, this is an ongoing issue since they are on us all but they can be controlled. It is necessary to keep a pH in the area of 6-7 and stay away from refined foods, sodas, greasy foods, caffeine, hot drinks and all the things that the mites love to feast on during the day when they are not laying eggs. The cycle is 15-20 days and so we think that a cure will take 3-6 months. It isn't possible to get totally rid of them but they can be less of an issue. Once the rosacea goes away and the swelling isn't bad, life gets better. For those of you who are struggling with this, as many are, just keep up the treatment that works for you. I hope that what I have shared has been helpful.

Comment posted by Eva63 of Cleveland, Ohio, USA on 2 June 2017 at 2:21       4633

I've had these things for about ten years off and on. I'm 49 now, and a woman that's heavily scarred with big whitish patches and huge bumps from these pests. Why off and on? I've no idea. It just is. They hit hard for a while then slack off and come back even worse but for the past 2 years now there's not been much let up. I think I got them from a friend that had them and knew it but never told me! I'd hugged him after not seeing him in about 2 years and he was dotted with calamine lotion all over his arms, he jumped and was like oh oh I hope you dont get this! He said it was poison oak. Anyways months later I started getting what I though was extremely odd acne cores erupting on my upper arms and lower legs and my butt. Yes, my butt! So I ended up pulling them out with tweezers and then the fingernail size calipers I've used for years now. I never knew these were mites till I was researching put in the terms that got me to the demodex articles. I used the waterless hand sanitizer and it's 70% alcohol and it must have some peroxide because it caused some bumps to start having a tiny bit of whitish bubbling. I rubbed copious amounts in roughly, then watched as they struggled up out of my pores and through the goopy layer of hand sanitizer. After it quit burning I could feel the stinging itchy aggravating feel of them coming out and I could SEE the mites coming out! I'm so happy I know what these things are FINALLY!! I'm so scarred up I doubt I'll ever be in a relationship again.

Next I bought the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Apparently, the sores I have which are between my upper and lower arms were full of mites. Within 18 hours of using the peroxide straight no water I was itching so, so, very badly! The mites for the most part fled the original sores but I've got a new sore trying to form, and yes I picked it so its probably the reason it's a new sore. I've got two areas like rashes that water and itch on the insides of both arms in the bend of them. I felt those things biting me and moving on me trying to find and burrowing into new pores. I'm stopping the HP for few days, they are multiplying as fast as I can drown them in HP and pull them out of my pores! I'll report back soon...

Comment posted by Robert Maclagan of Benton, AR, USA on 4 April 2017 at 14:33       4549

Demodex mites die instantly with application of 70% rubbing alcohol. I used a brown label rubbing alcohol that is made from ethanol. It is important to use only 70% alcohol, because if it is stronger it does not work, it needs to work combined with water to kill the mites. Also if it is pure alcohol it evaporates too quickly to stay on your skin and work properly. Put the alcohol in a hand sprayer. The alcohol helps calm the itching when you spray it, but it is so effective at killing the mites that it also causes more itching. It is just something I had to get through to get rid of them.

Comment posted by Kyzar of Death valley, LA, USA on 5 April 2016 at 16:54       3989

I can attest that this method works. This is the most awful thing to have and the continuous use of soaking in a tub of hydrogen peroxide and borax salt twice a day, and continuously spraying peroxide on your body throughout the day really ridded my body of what seemed a never ending hell. Rubbing alcohol really helps when itching after the pesky things are dead and they are still in your skin.

Comment posted by Eve of Carson City, NV, USA on 4 February 2016 at 16:48       3889

I have suffered from these things since 2011. I have spent thousands of dollars to no avail. This is what I have found to help a little. First, these things are in your home and they usually live closer to the floors so vacuum real often and I use my carpet cleaner and use 1 cup of ammonia in each tank of cleaner and HOT! Second I have found that using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, undiluted and put a spray head on the bottle and spray from ceiling, walls, bedding, pillows, clothing, carpets, wall boards, anything don t spray on your furniture because of the finishes. I do this about 30 mins before I go to bed. Spray every room and if you can close each room off, more the better, including bathroom. I also use ammonia in the same manner but I do dilute it 1 cup of ammonia to 2.5-3 cups of water and use that as a spray.

For the body I have used powered mustard and put a tsp in shampoo and body wash. You have to use this daily and gradually you will feel the mites fewer and fewer biting you. I have had them in my eyelashes, ears, nose, mouth and it has been a 24/7 battle. I also use 70% rubbing alcohol and use it as a spray. I keep a bottle of TTO diluted 50/50 with a carrier oil, used several oils and they all seem to work about the same although coconut has a lot of other things in it that might be best. I smear this on my face and scalp at night I use the cheapest body wash, shampoo from Dollar Tree or 99cent stores with the TTO. It was so bad that I had to use the TTO treatment on my eyelids about 6- 8 times a day. I found that if I wash my face, eyes, eyebrows with antibacterial soap that works about as good, I even use rubbing alcohol on a Qtip on the edges of my eyelids, and you certainly feel those things kicking, they buried their heads in the follicles and their butts are up in the air and it feels like little electric currents when the alcohol hits them. This is very dangerous because you can damage the cornea of the eye so unless a dr shows you how to do it, be very careful but it works quicker than the TTO application. I also use saline solution to wash my eye out, the OTC is too expensive for the amount I have had to use so I make my own: boil 2 cups of water with 1.5 tsp of salt, be sure the salt is dissolved well. I was buying as many as 5-8 bottles of this stuff a week so saved the containers and use them to use the home made solution in. Also, when finishing my shower I spray my body with the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide while my body is still damp. It will sting but that is because it is killing the mites and it stops the itching. You may have some pimples for a few days but if you keep spraying the HP will dry them up.

The Hydrogen Peroxide has been my helper, plus the powered mustard. I also put 1 tsp of it in body lotion and when they bite or itch at night I will dab a bit on the spot. The dry mustard is 1 heaping tsp of dry mustard with just enough water to make a paste, let it set 10 mins to activate and then put it in your shampoo or body wash so I usually use at least 2 tsp of it to make enough paste for both hair and body.

Hope this is some help, each person reacts so differently from you or me, just don t give in to it!

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