Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Bird mites

Remedy: Borax

Borax as a source of boron. Boron deficiency, supplementation, chelation, heavy metals, fluorides, fungicide, anti-microbial. How to use borax both internally and externally.

Comment posted by Mike Alger of Ashland, NE, USA on 27 May 2022 at 0:52       5349

I’ll be 64 in June and this is the worst thing I’ve encountered in my life. I discovered my shop and house has water leaks causing mold AND I’ve been dealing with bird mites that infested my shop and moved to my house for three years. Doctors thought I was nuts or on drugs. I have leukaemia and do blood test regularly. Three bug people been out, all trying to sell me something I didn’t need or regular bug treatments. None of them drilled a hole, scraped or scooped anything. I would have spent $5000 so far to eliminate my issues. My dog and I were bothered and the hardest part of this whole ordeal is my wife says it’s in my head. Mites were in my hair, eyebrows, nose, ankles, elbows, ears. My wife helped clean and ran laundry booster if she thought about it. I found an enzyme cleaner like Kleen green will take the brown off your skin, stop itching and make black things fall off you in the sink. I’ve cleared 80% of my issues. I now know what to look for and how to treat. Watch for brown powder, black specs or dots and dust in your clothes. I enzyme spay and shake off clothes I wear, the dust turns into floating white things and when you vacuum your dirt container looks like a cotton candy machine. Dermatologist said I had nibs without one sample or looking at skin close. This is a fight of your own. I don’t say anything to friends or family, tired of the he’s nuts look. Enzyme cleaners YES, diatomaceous earth YES, constant cleaning YES, neem oil YES, tea tree body wash YES, borax YES. These are all part of my life now. Now no itching or bites 95% of the time.

Reply from David Niven Miller:
I would suggest the mould is the bigger problem and it is essential to fix all leaks and clean the mould with a chlorine bleach cleaner. Bird mites are only a possible problem if you have occupied birds nests close to the house or shop.

Question posted by Cara Domings of Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States on 7 September 2021 at 7:43       5314

33 y o female in New England here. After visiting the ophthalmologist and dermatologist and doing some research, I'm definitely suffering from some sort of demodex issue, even though it's mild. I've had problems since living in dorm housing in college. It's caused lesions on my cheeks, blepharitis and ocular rosacea, hair loss, chronic inflammation on my face, eyebrow loss. Does anyone have any connection with environmental factors living in an apartment building, living in a tightly spaced neighborhood like the downtown of a city or housing district? I also wonder if this has to do with the state of the immune system? Does stress or a slightly compromised immune system have anything to do with susceptibility to mites? Is it all just a vicious cycle, where you'e stressed in your home space, which compromises your immune system, which then makes you a host for mites, which then causes more stress? I also was reading about bird mites that can be a consequence of trees with lower lying branches that are near to windows in homes. It makes sense. I also was reading that mites like wetter, warmer environments much like humans. I'm ready to leave my home for a while and also prior to it, ask the neighbors to cut back their trees that are coming into the backyard of my apartment. It's thickly settled where I live. I'd like to try going away from the environment and seeking some sort of retreat somewhere to heal my body in a colder environment. Or maybe move...

From David Niven Miller:
Yes, stress weakens the immune system and makes people more susceptible to mites. Please read the pages on Grow Youthful concerning demodex mites and bird mites, which explain their transmission. (see Ailments, Mites) Having trees around is great, and there is no need to cut them back unless there is a birds nest by a window AND the nest has bird mites AND you are showing symptoms of bird mite infestation.

Comment posted by Paulette of Florence, Colorado, United States on 28 August 2021 at 2:4       5311

If you are still struggling with scabies mites I had them for nearly 8 years and ran across comments claiming Kleen Green Natural Genesis makes it gets rid of them. I've been mixing the concentrate with water 1 part enzyme concentrate to 7 parts water and spraying myself 3 times a day. After a week I'm down to just a few biting during the day. I target where the biting is happening. It takes a couple days to get rid of them under your skin, but it's working really well. I am also sprinkling Borax on my mattress every day and letting it sit for awhile before vacuuming it up. Putting sheets and pillows in the dryer for an hour each day is keeping them from returning.

Reply from David Niven Miller:
Please read the Grow Youthful web pages on mites, and mite transmission. They can only live for a couple of hours in dry bedding and furniture so vacuuming and cleaning is not necessary for demodex mites.

Comment posted by Lin Bee of Mesa, AZ, USA on 10 January 2019 at 3:48       5113

After reading a February 2016 post by Eve from NV on using Mustard, we put together our own treatment. We put some TTO (tea tree oil), borax and ACV (apple cider vinegar) in spray bottles and began to spray ourselves all over two times a day especially after our showers. In just two or three days we began to see an marked change in our skin and the itching began to diminish. We began to feel like we were at an end of a two year ordeal that left us thinking we would never be the same again. I cannot thank Eve enough for her post and if I could I would send her a bouquet of flowers and much more.

We continue to spray ourselves and add dry mustard from time to time when we think it is necessary. We cut out all sugars, beef and all dairy for two years to the point that we lost 10 pounds each. Now we are adding small amounts of low fat organic beef and some coconut sugar but very little of that. I do not eat cheeses as the mites love that stuff. I have yet to read about anyone deleting foods from their diet but we found that it is imperative to do so as the mites would not stop causing acne all over us. As I sit here writing this, I feel such relief and thanking my God for this blog posting site where others who suffer can tell their sad stories and post what they feel has helped or not helped.

I also want to add that essential oils such as TTO and Eucalyptus oil have been very useful. I am thankful to have my skin back and in reality my life back. We have not gone anywhere for two years because of this horrid condition. I will continue to spray my skin daily with the spray and use mustard to work with or as a deterrent to these most awful parasites. One must try to keep their immune systems up and take supplements and get lots of sleep and drink lots of water. We try to get in about 10-14 glasses a day but we live in AZ so that’s why. Most people can get by with at least 8 glasses but 10-12 is better especially in the summer months. We found a great soap on eBay called Defense that is made of TTO and Eucalyptus that really gives us a good cleansing washing off any mite faeces and dead skin that accumulates during the night and day. I don’t shower twice a day any more as my skin can’t take a lot of washing. So, one shower with daily spraying is what we do. I hope this helps someone suffering with Demodex mites infestation. There is a cure and I have just outlined it. It worked for us and it will work for you but you must do it and be faithful about it.

PS. I wanted to add why the ACV borax TTO spray works. The ACV takes the hard shell off the eggs and the borax kills the larvae. That is the magic bullet. The mustard kills the mites in 50 seconds when they come in contact with it - even mustard water. Use only powdered dry mustard not the bottled, ready-made kind. That is filled with fillers and spices that the mites may like. Buy powdered mustard and dilute it with water. Use a q tip in your ears and nose. Put the mustard water on a sponge or wash cloth to wipe down your skin in the shower and finish your shower with the ACV spray. Use Neem soap or TTO soap to wash with. You have to do this for the rest of your life to keep them away because once you have had a mite infestation, you are susceptible to them again. God bless and good luck!

Comment posted by 2killparasites of Washington DC, DC, USA on 6 June 2018 at 4:0       5024

YES! Borax had an immediate positive effect. I made a saturated solution in a cup of warm water and applied it to my skin with damp quality soft paper towel. Left it to absorb and then dry on its own without wiping off. Borax also kills threadworms and some other parasites in the skin.

Comment posted by Borax Believer of Dallas , TX, USA on 16 May 2018 at 23:9       5003

Simply stated thank you. All who have this malady can attest to its life-changing effect and the lack of professional medical support. I’ll spare you my story, and say after 3 years of dealing with my mite infection and many of the topical and internal meds used to combat it, Borax is the key to managing it. My face used to get the worst of the demodex, and I found a cotton flannel or a roll of top quality paper towels and a box of borax did the trick.
I wash my face with warm water, allows softening of skin. Then I pour some Borax into a small jug, add some warm water, stir to dissolve as much borax as possible, then dip the flannel into it and without squeezing it out apply to face. I use slight sponging in order to get Borax into the pores. I then pour the remainder onto the towel and try to get as much of the undissolved Borax onto the skin as possible. I leave wet on skin for a few minutes. However, I don’t rinse but just wipe off any visible borax, purposely leaving a residue. Done 4 times a day, it resulted in an immediate noticeable improvement in the first 24 hours. Hope this helps!

Note from David Niven Miller, Grow Youthful owner. If you are concerned about the warnings on the borax container, please read the borax link at the top of this page. Read it anyway! According to the MSDS safety sheet, it is about as toxic as table salt.

Question posted by HisDarlinLilBit of Disputanta, VA, USA on 27 June 2017 at 16:35       4668

I'm in absolute misery! It just started out of the blue a day ago. I visited a friend and when I got home, I began feeling bites all over. I was horrified to find tiny mites all over me. I took a shower and covered myself with a medicated powder that contains eucalyptus oil and menthol, and clean clothes and instantly had relief. Next day I had to go back to take food for their cat and it started all over again. This time however, they won't go away and have gotten throughout my whole house. Can someone tell me what to do and if, God forbid, my cats get them, best solution to rid them of the mites as well? Thank you.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 30 June 2015 at 19:44       3542

Reply to Karl Sachsenheimer of Sylva, NC
You CAN recover from and prevent a bird mite infection. The key is to clean up the source of bird mites, usually a nearby infected nest. See Bird Mites on the main Ailments & remedies menu for details of how they infect humans, symptoms, and how to prevent and recover from the infection.

Comment posted by Karl Sachsenheimer of Sylva, NC, USA on 30 June 2015 at 11:11       3539

I have rid myself of mites by leaving my environment for weeks... Came back and had them within 10 hours. You people don't have Demodex mites - you have bird mites. They cannot be killed. The chance of getting rid of them is 0-4 out of 10. Try INTERNAL borax treatment. Its your only other option. It works but read how to use it on this website. On the plus side, your hair and skin will be AWESOME!