Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Human papilloma virus

Remedy: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2. What it is, healing properties, uses, remedies and treatments, how to use it, possible reactions, warnings, and what to buy (and what not to buy).

Question posted by icarus of Oradea, Bihor, Romania on 28 April 2016 at 16:55       4034

Hi Pur of Willayah Persekutuan, did you swallow the peroxide or just apply it externally on the warts?

Question posted by Lee of New Orleans, La, USA on 26 April 2014 at 0:48       2505

Did this cause any bad reactions by the amount and how often you took it? Did you do any other cleanses with it? Any supplements? Vitamins? How did you eat? Please reply. I would really like to know. Please!

Comment posted by Pur of Willayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 11 January 2014 at 0:10       1686

I have Herpes, HPV and Hemorrhoid. I'll share with you here how I cured my Herpes and HPV. HERPES and HPV SOLUTION: I ordered my 35% food grade H202 from Thailand because it's hard to get it here where I live. For those of us that has problem getting distilled chlorine free water, what I did was. I took the normal tap water and I cooked it and I capture the water vapor. I also used rain water at some point or I just buy the normal distilled bottle water.
1st day, use 9 drops ( 3 drops, 3 times/day)
2nd day, use 12 drops ( 4 drops, 3 times/day)
3rd day, use 15 drops ( 5 drops, 3 times/day)
4th day, use 18 drops ( 6 drops, 3 times/day)
5th day, use 21 drops ( 7 drops, 3 times/day)
6th day, use 24 drops ( 8 drops, 3 times/day)
7th day, use 27 drops ( 9 drops, 3 times/day)
8th day, use 30 drops (10 drops, 3 times/day)
9th day, use 36 drops (12 drops, 3 times/day
10th day, use 42 drops (14 drops, 3 times/day)
11th day, use 48 drops (16 drops, 3 times/day)
12th day, use 54 drops (18 drops, 3 times/day)
13th day, use 60 drops (20 drops, 3 times/day)
14th day, use 66 drops (22 drops, 3 times/day)
15th day, use 72 drops (24 drops, 3 times/day)
16th day, use 75 drops (25 drops, 3 times/day)
After a month and I went back to see my doctor, My result came out negative for herpes and Hpv. Stay healthy folks.