Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Scabies

Remedy: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2. What it is, healing properties, uses, remedies and treatments, how to use it, possible reactions, warnings, and what to buy (and what not to buy).

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 15 April 2024 at 12:7       5560

Reply to Comment 5559 posted by Sarah of Dallas, TX, USA on 14 April 2024.
Please read the Grow Youthful web page on Demodex mites. They can NOT reproduce in bedding, clothes, carpets etc. Heavy cleaning is not necessary to control mites.
If allergy to mites, dust etc is an issue, then cleaning as suggested in this comment makes good sense. But remember that the cleaning is not to control mites, it is to control allergies.

Comment posted by Sarah of Dallas, TX, USA on 14 April 2024 at 13:36       5559

I've read many research articles and there are bacterium that the mites produce that can further cause inflammation and issues, so hydrogen peroxide does work to rid the anaerobic bacteria. Studies show that Terpenen 4, found in tea tree oil, works to kill then with no side effects. Clove oil eugenol is also proven to kill them. Rosacea is caused by demodex infestation. Demodex live on us but usually do not become a problem unless there is poor hygiene or lowered immune system. Make sure to take zinc, C, D, and B vitamins and wash regularly and use cleansing cloths to remove excess oil. Washing bedding on a sanitization cycle and high heat dry cycle will keep bedding clean. Vacuum mattress between washes to suck up dead skin and mites. Use a dust mite protector on pillows and mattress, as those with demodex infections usually have allergies anyway due to immune system issues. Allerease is a good brand, make sure weave is proper micron protection level.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 11 January 2014 at 14:29       1688

Reply to sara of azle: please click on the Hydrogen peroxide link at the top of this page for details on how to use H2O2.

Comment posted by sara of azle, Tx, United States on 11 January 2014 at 13:10       1687

What percent hydrogen peroxide did you use?

Comment posted by Danielle of Burlington, Vermont, USA on 9 December 2013 at 5:38       1604

A month ago I started having all the same symptoms, not soon after my younger children did too only milder if there is such a thing. It started with itchy heads and I treated for lice but then my left started in especially in the folds. Drs said it was eczema which clearly it is not. These things have attacked my ear so badly I can't even sleep on that side! I was given ivermectin which worked for a day or 2 till new eggs hatched and developed. I found that borax and peroxide baths help immensely but do not kill eggs in the follicles. These things are on all body parts in nose and even on tongue lips and gums....EWWW! Last night I did borax and peroxide bath and then blow dried my entire body it helped the most since this started and skin felt softer! Today I got tea tree oil which I'm adding to lotion and shampoo. I also got some Apple Cider Vinegar. Ingredients are acv, cayenne pepper powder and ginger root powder. I have read many positive reviews about acv and its mite killing power. My bf and I started taking 2 a day hopefully I can report positively about this! What I'm struggling with most is keeping home clean with having a full time job and children. I've read suggestions to wash bedding daily and dispose of pillows and buy new, maybe for someone who has money to do so but I just do not! I've sprayed with bleach/water and borax/peroxide/water but I think the borax clogs the sprayer so I an gonna try straining the solution. This is an ongoing battle! I believe either the kitten we rescued brought this into my home, or that my teenager has had them for a while but we thought he just has bad acne from teenage boy hormones! Either way doesn't matter, what matters is getting rid of it before my once beautiful face is disfigured for life! I hope this helps, I will post with updates of progress.

Comment posted by USMC of MCB CP, CA, USA on 18 October 2013 at 22:16       1474

My dog killed a rat & picked up tropical rat mites & 6 weeks later they found me....lucky me. I have suffered with this for nearly 2 years. Tropical rat mites have very painful bites 80% of them are from my rib cage to my knees. However when they crawl in my nose, ears & bite inside my anus it is sharp painful bite & a living hell. Former USMC here. Every enemy has weakness & it's up to you to exploit every single one of them mites love sugar & yeast & are drawn to it in your body. Giving up sugar for the short term is well worth it. You will notice a difference as you change your pH from an acidic to alkaline. I drink warm raw lemon/lime water everyday usually twice per day to alkalize & make my blood chemistry bitter to mites. They hate peppermint so I also drink hot peppermint tea daily. Garlic, red cayenne pepper, MSM powder mixed with half cup water....very bitter...mites hate it. Castille Peppermint Soap, Sulfur bar soap, mattress encasings after bleaching the bed & also the bed frame...then apply vasoline to the legs of the bed. Hot sauna at the gym heated to 165 degrees will kill mites on your skin. AVC, DE aka Diametaceous Earth Food Grade kills mites with microscopic cuts to their eco-skeleton is harmless to humans & pets as long as you do not inhale it. Clove oil added to coconut oil as a transport oil has been discovered in Australia to kill scabies & penetrate the eggs to kill them as well. I sleep on a hefty trash bag with my entire body covered in coconut oil/clove oil from head to toe. The large hefty trash bag is great as it will not soak up the oil like cotton sheets do. After the first night I pulled off 365 mites off my body...their size ranged from a salt granule to a splinter to what looked like an apple seed. A week later I am down to 39 mites. Anytime I feel a bit, an itch or tickle I never scratch it, I just apply more oil to suffocate them. Buy a magnifying glass from the dollar store, this really helped to find the mites on me & my white mattress encasing. I did one treatment of mixing grapeseed oil with was like a thick paste....covered me did itch, however the next day there were many dead mites all over the hefty trash bag....the combo of the oil suffocating the mites & the DE killing & cutting up any that try to escape is a good target enemy for these parasites. DE Food Grade from Pet Supply here in CA goes for a $19.95 a 2 pound bag. I bag all of my clothes in black hefty bags & place them outside & let the sun bake the new eggs hatch the heat will kill them. I will wash them in 6 weeks & hope this will kill any remaining mites. By keeping the oil on you at all times you will break the egg cycle. I had them so bad around my waist line & on my rear it was very difficult to wear underwear or pants without feeling biting or an extreme itching or both. Vasoline also works to suffocate them. I buy one infused with cocoa butter. Going to give the borax with peroxide bath a try tonight. Appreciate this forum to help support one another in this battle of the bugs. Semper Fi, USMC

Comment posted by chicago of chicago, IL, USA on 2 August 2013 at 21:8       1303

I used the borax and peroxide in a hot tub for about 15 min, dipped my head under and can say that i finally notice some improvements : ) Its been hard to smile dealing with this. I just want to say I hope more people success with winning this temporary battle, an a beautiful life ahead.

Comment posted by NaX of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 10 June 2013 at 20:19       1191

My husband got it first and he is itching like crazy for two wks, all over his back neck, chest and hands. I just got them around my pelvic area and only a couple but they werent itchy so i didnt think it was the same. They have since spread all over my inner thigh and inner right arm but still don't itch while my husband is raking himself till bleeding. We have cleaned all of our clothing and sheets and only flipped the matresses because we had protectors on them. We've both bathed in borax and peroxide for last two nights but I am getting worried we arent being vigilant enough. Any thoughts? My husband read you could apply borax straight to the skin and he said it stung for a while but then stopped and he felt much better. He says the baths help for a little while but then certain areas start itching again. I'm wondering if its where the mites are still in him? We are most concerned for our 9 month old who doesn't seem to be infected....yet :( will keep u posted

Question posted by trish of rees, WI, USA on 6 June 2013 at 17:57       1186

my daughter and boyfriend used a spray bottle to apply 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and their skin, started burning! they said they felt like their skin was on fire! has anybody had this issue before? her boyfriend is worse than her his body has bloody scabs all over that's not from scratching

Comment posted by Amanda of Toronto, ON, Canada on 2 May 2013 at 22:58       1129

Wow. Whoever came up with this is a genius. I've been doing a lot fo research. My boyfriend worked in a healthcare setting with mentally challenged. They had a scabies infestation. they have had it for years. Try telling someone who doesn't understand they can't touch people. so that's how it started over a year ago. We've had several misdiagnosis. One just said it was viral, and it would go away on it own. One said it could be chicken pox? lol. One said foliculitis, and one said rosella. Since we found out it was scabies, we've treated several times with 5% permethrin to no avail. I've cleaned vigorously, and washed and dried all clothing, bedding on hottest heat, heat treated all pillows. Bought a peva matress cover. I continued to do research. My mother in law had always used borax as an insecticide. Then I read this. I started doing more research. so, this is what I've found. Scabies are anthropods. Borax is highly toxic to anthropods and kills them in minutes (if they eat the borax). If the borax is on your skin, scabies eat your skin. dead. Borax is also highly alkaline (9. soemthing I cant remember) which might be irritating to your skin. That's where the peroxide comes in. It's slightly acidic @ 3% which balances out any kind of skin discomfort you might be worried about. Borax has low toxicity to humans(that of table salt as explained on the Grow Youthful Borax web page). So. Borax it is for me. I'll let you know the results. I'll be soaking in borax baths. also, I'll be boiling boxax in water, and adding peroxide in a spray as a topical.

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