Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Nail fungus

Remedy: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2. What it is, healing properties, uses, remedies and treatments, how to use it, possible reactions, warnings, and what to buy (and what not to buy).

Comment posted by Dan of Perth, WA, Australia on 28 March 2013 at 0:46       1058

I got "35%" from nightingale pharmacy in south lake, after using it or a few weeks and having no improvements, I put 1 drop on my skin, knowing it should oxidize, nothing at all. So I ordered H2O2 test strips, and after testing a diluted solution I've determined I was sold 3% I'll be heading back to nightingales and demanding they refund my money. Will be trying a supplier on eBay.

Comment posted by tania of Takaka, golden bay, new zealand on 14 November 2011 at 15:27       527

Hi, It is safe to use 35% diluted 1x HP-10x water. You need to be totally committed to a regime of washing with soap, cutting the nails as far back as you can and applying the HP at least twice a day. I applied with cotton wool and went over toes as well. Try this for at least 1 x month. My nails are slowly growing out the fungus, it takes a long time. But they are looking a lot better. Wash your clippers or anything else coming into contact with the fungus with the HP. Good luck.

Question posted by Darren of Warana, QLD, Australia on 4 November 2011 at 20:18       522

Hi, I am curious if 35% h2o2 can be used on toenail fungal problems? If so, how much would I use or what dilution would it be? Has anyone cured this difficult problem? Thanks