Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Castor oil

Castor oil. Castor oil's healing properties, ailments used for, how to make and use a castor oil pack.

Comment posted by D Harrison of Eureka, CA, USA on 11 April 2023 at 4:24       5440

Sudden rosacea and blepharitis onset at age 60. Did Keto. No sugar, no gluten. Did liver cleanses. For months. Added vitamin D to clear skin, couldn’t sunbathe enough. Still no improvement. Added multivitamins. Daily. Thought about the chlorine in bathwater being a factor. Bought 15 stage water filters....added powdered vitamin C to baths. Reduced the temperature. Still nothing worked, still had red acne and pustules. Bought new soaps, EWG verified stuff with no harmful chemicals. Lotions. Lots of money... Then decided to try castor oil on my eyelids for my nightly dry eye. Instant improvement in my dry eye rather than getting up 3x a night with my eyelids dried and stuck to my eyeballs....I finally went all night with my regular tears moisture. Then I dug into researching that success some more....Demodex mites cause both rosacea and Blepharitis! Diluted tea tree oil on skin. BAM! Skin cleared. Maintaining nightly castor oil on eyelids. Aggressively now boiling sheets, clothes, hoodies. Daily eyelid cleansing, face, head, neck, shoulders. My facial skin is no longer bumpy, red, or irritated with looks like porcelain. It’s only been a week since I attacked this from the mite standpoint, but I AM SO RELIEVED. This battle lasted over a year. Large quantities of mites have been found in biopsies of rosacea papules and pustules. Keep that in mind.

Comment posted by Moonbeam of Jupiter, Florida, USA on 7 September 2020 at 2:23       5263

I use castor oil on my eyelashes and eyelids every night to leave on while I sleep. I also use it on my scalp, ears, neck and jawline mixed with a little coconut oil to thin it and add few drops of tea tree and lavender oil. I leave it on my scalp overnight and make sure to do it at least 2 nights in a row without washing out if possible. It is difficult to wash out so I try to apply it to my scalp without getting much on my hair. A pointy tip applicator bottle helps. If you have long enough hair it helps to pull it all up or back and clasp it so it doesn’t travel down to the ends of your hair. You may have to shampoo twice to remove it or use dish detergent. Within several hours to a day after this treatment, you may get some crusty waxy patches or flakes on your skin scalp. After you scratch them off the skin underneath may be red but it will clear up quickly. I also use diatomaceous earth. Good Luck!

Comment posted by JO of Springville, UT, USA on 31 May 2019 at 4:6       5155

Dear Tiny of Skokie, IL,
I read your story today and personally can empathise with this demodex condition. I have been a fellow sufferer for 5 yrs now, and received similar help from Dr as you have. Most derm doctors are still clueless and immediately believe it is delusional parasitosis. It is sad and frustrating to be offered dangerous antipsychotic drugs to conceal the real condition. I warn you now to begin your research and know that once they overpopulate your hair, then face, the condition usually worsens and affects the entire body, every sebaceous gland and pore. This is what happened to me because good treatment was not offered and my condition blew out of control. I can’t explain the physical and emotional suffering I endured until I worked for years to bring the condition under control with the right products. You have got to find a good demodex shampoo or make your own with some essential oils like tea tree oil (TTO) that can work. Personally, you will find more treatments and products for dogs and other animals that treat mites. It is a shame there is really no approved treatment for human beings. I hate the smell of Sulfer so I discovered Benzyl Peroxide washes and shampoos. I have to warn you that I have spent thousands of dollars trying this and that until I found products that help me best. Everyone is different. But, attack the mite over population as quickly as you can. Also, don’t believe that 2 doses of Ivermectin from a Dr who believes you makes them magically go away. That does not happen when your whole immune system is out of control and stress rises because of this disheartening condition. In the beginning when they were so bad and out of control, I wiped eye and face mites off of me all night long, hardly sleeping. They invaded the end of my inside nose tissue, ears and everywhere you can imagine. They were days I did not want to wake up the next day, if I could sleep because this condition tries to steal your joy and rob you of a social life. I wanted to die it grew so bad.

So it is very important to find great herbs and vitamins to strengthen your immune system. Since they are invisible, don t expect most to believe or sympathize. I found it best to not even share with doctors anymore because of the horrible and incorrect treatment I endured from the medical profession. Yes, mostly dermatologists. Most are so focused on treating cosmetic conditions they have failed to become aware of this growing pestilence problem. Sadly, I discovered they care more about beauty and cosmetic treatments and neglect to know how to correctly diagnose or treat this condition. If you happen to locate a good, understanding doctor with adequate knowledge of demodicosis, you are blessed. I just know that we have learned to help one another with tools and products we have discovered. I personally use a boric acid eye wash twice a day when I wash my face. My hair was the first sign before mites invaded my eyebrows and face and elsewhere. I use a dog shampoo with 2% to 3% benzoyl peroxide. Careful, it will lighten your hair but it is one product that works very well. Then a good TTO conditioner you can make or buy.

Fortunately, I am retired, so I have the time to maintain this condition at home. I wear no makeup unless I have a social or family event. I spray my face daily with witch hazel mixed with any essential oil you find that may work. It's hard finding one that does not smell too bad. A little lemongrass, lavender, TTO, etc. Then a good oil free moisturiser. Every day is a battle. At night I use Castor oil on my eyes after using Occusoft Plus eyelid cleanser that you may leave on. It kills good. Sometimes, I use it for my entire face because it is quite effective. Just don t give up your battle with this condition. Surprisingly, there are MORE new products to help with dog mange that are very beneficial, but costly. I use many of them daily. Bathing helps are Benzoyl Peroxide soaps or 2 Chlorhexidine liquid soap. I make my own blending four dog shampoos with a healthy shampoo with a nice scent. My mites grew so bad I had to find something that was more powerful than Ted’s Mange treatment that never helped much. I still do hair rinse with the borax water and ACV with some helpful essential oils. It’s trial and error for everyone Tiny, but I trust you will find your products that best maintain this condition for you. Just know you are not alone and there is wealth of information help online. Believe me, I think I tried just about everything, including buying an infrared spa and rife machine. It’s been very costly, but we must choose life one day at a time and cling to hope. I will pray for you and know that God truly cares about every detail of our lives as we suffer together.

Comment posted by Sammy of Nashville, TN, USA on 17 October 2018 at 12:40       5082

I apply a 50%-50% tea tree oil / coconut oil mix to my eyelashes and eyebrows, taking care not to get any TTO in my eyes. Ten minutes later I coat them with castor oil and put a drop of castor oil in each eye that keeps demodex mites from crawling out onto my face while the tea tree oil kills them. I wipe with a separate qtip for each area and eyebrows. Every 6 to 8 hrs another dead mite will float to the tear duct of each eye to be removed with a clean qtip. I go through a lot of qtips. The castor oil keeps them from crawling out onto my face, but the tea tree / castor oil mix eats away at them and turns them white and gelatinous or spongey under a microscope - yes I bought my own pocket microscope on Amazon for 20 bucks.

Comment posted by AnaBanana of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on 15 June 2017 at 5:9       4645

I knew a young man from Europe who kept hiding his hands, when I inquired through his interpeter, I implored him to show me his shame was hands just covered in warts, poor thing! We went to the drug store and got thick white cotton gloves, 2 bottles organic cold pressed castor oil. I explained when home to clean hard surfaces with vineger, rub in castor oil, put gloves on, reapply at night, for at least 6 weeks. After 1 month he showed up so excited, nearly all gone, he had suffered for years. I did encourage him to continue 1 more month to be sure to get all the root of the wart.

I also use castor oil on my face and eyes. Drop clean organic castor oil into my eyes to kill Demodex mites. I tear for a couple days because of mite die off. I have used it on my face, ears, nose, body, mixed with eucalyptus oil for face and brows. It really gets red, they hate it, but after a few days, much cleaner, better, pores smaller.

Comment posted by Rob M of Melbourne, Vic, Aus on 12 June 2017 at 21:14       4643

I had red eyelids and was losing my hair on eyelids and around eyes. Add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo. Use full strength organic castor oil on your eyelids and eyelashes, apply with a cotton tip or a clean finger. It kills mites is not harsh. It doesn't sting and doesn't harm your eyes. Put it on in the evening, re-apply before going to bed. You can also use castor oil on your face and eyebrows.

Comment posted by othermollie of Eugene, OR, USA on 1 February 2016 at 10:14       3875

In my research I discovered that adding Tea Tree Oil AKA Melaleuca essential oil to Castor oil is most effective. Apparently the castor carries the TTO down into the pores and follicles where the mites live. It's working very well and very quickly for me.

The treatment lasts a minimum of 6 weeks, and may take 8 weeks or longer. I haven't needed to use it for 6-8 weeks as some do, maybe from the castor oil. You have to go through several cycles of eggs hatching to get rid of them all. Wash your face every night before bed. Use a mild soap, and make sure to include your nose, eyebrows and eyelashes. Gently wash and rub your eyelash roots. Daily or every second day, wash your hair with a tea tree oil or shampoo. After washing and drying, apply a mild oil 1 part TTO, 4 parts macadamia, olive or coconut oil. I use castor oil to all affected areas, including eyelashes. Once per week, use a strong oil with a blend of 1 part TTO and 1 part another oil. Use a cotton bud to apply the oil around the eyelashes.

Also, adding geranium calms the redness. Tea Tree oil AKA Melaleuca dilution rates: a rough guide to obtaining a 5 dilution of an essential oil of the consistency of tea tree oil is 5 drops of essential oil per teaspoon of castor oil. if you want 4 which is what I personally prefer for tea tree then it is roughly 4 drops per teaspoon of castor oil and so on.

Comment posted by Teri of Ottawa, ON, Canada on 8 November 2014 at 10:32       3016

Had it for a few years and my gp prescribed metrogel which is awful and left huge red scars and still the rosacea returned. She never explained what it was or its source. I was having a variety of other skin problems too which I got goops for from her. I came across people on the internet who commented that a gluten-free diet cleared it all up. Within a few weeks some of my skin problems cleared up but not the rosacea. So I started researching that and started applying castor oil treatments on my face and letting it sit for an hour. This seems to help. I also find applying rose water after all face cleaning and castor oil treatments help too. I am grateful for all the advice about Tea Tree Oil and it's going all over everything and in the washer machine in future.

Comment posted by Andrea of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 30 September 2014 at 23:3       2913

Have you been doing it everyday? In my experience you can't stop....even if it seems to get a little have to continue daily treatment for months as you have to go through a number of die off stages. That was my mistake the first time around. Have you tried castor oil? That I believe is safe to go around your eyes. The mixture of castor oil and selson blue shampoo has been one of the best things for me. I put a mask of it on. Then I have a bath which has tea tree oil and selson blue in they had started going on my arms and I had to put that to a stop. And tea tree oil in my hair. I haven't let my dogs sleep with me for a couple months and I lie on a different towel every they are probably in your pillows. I have never felt face is clear except for the odd dot here and there. I use tea tree oil day and night also. I only use olive oil or coconut oil to remove make up and hydrate my face. No chemicals. Just as an FYI....when they die your face looks worse...which is when I would give up the first time I tried. This time I dealt with the took until week 7 for my face to look really good. I feel amazing now. I don't itch at all anymore.

Comment posted by Angie of Rochester, New York, United Statues on 1 December 2013 at 0:18       1580

Hello all! I cotton swab full strength tto all over my face every night and my skin has improved so much!! I used to just treat my pustules but then bumps would just show up on other places on my face so that's why I started treating my whole face. I also found that drawing salv helps get rid of super stubborn pustules. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I think flushing and redness meanings the decent amount of demodex mites have died (the redness is a direct reaction to their decaying bodies and their bacteria)... So I ENCOURAGE anything that makes me flush bc I want these suckers dead.... This method works for me. Has anyone else thought of this? Also, castor oil helps to provide me with relief from dry red eyes.