Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2. What it is, healing properties, uses, remedies and treatments, how to use it, possible reactions, warnings, and what to buy (and what not to buy).

Question posted by Hope of Stockholm, Sverige, Sweden on 19 January 2018 at 6:34       4905

Hi, thank you all for this fantastic group, this is totally new for me. Mites exploded in my life after a long super-stressful period when everything that could go wrong really did. After 6-7 weeks of renovating the 30 flats I live in they put plastic all around, then changed our windows without installing ventilation for fresh air. They totally closed off all air by putting tape over all windows probably because of painting and other work. One week after that I woke up one morning with itching rashes under my breasts. I have never had anything like that, no eczema or something so it was really a bit worrying. Then because of where they were located and my age, 57 I went to the doc to check if it was herpes zoster, we call it beltrose in Swedish . Doc said no, it looks more as if something has bitten you! One week after that, and after seeing another doc, I had a typical rosacea mark on my left cheek, acne on the other and all over my chest and back, itching, crawling. I thought I’d caught scabies, but two doctors said no. No one even had a microscope and one told me to get that ghost out of my brain and get some psychiatry.

Question: Can it be that when we got no fresh air, and there was air coming IN where dirty old air is supposed to get OUT that I have caught this from one of my neighbours? I am newly divorced, my youngest son 20 years old lived with me at this time and his eyes became red and he started complaining of itching skin at the same time. This was November and two weeks later I told him to move to his dad since I was afraid he would also get this thing from hell. He is now fine, but I have had a living hell.

I am depressed, have had to clean EVERYTHING all the time because of a black yucky powder with black spots that lays everywhere in this flat if I’m not fast enough to wipe it off. All my carpets and stuff I don't need is in my store now. I don’t vacuum clean, instead I use superhot water 90C morning and evening to clean everything, bedclothes etc.

I have heard from other neighbours that they got red eyes, runny nose and they all complain over the poor ventilation but I don’t dare to ask them about this. Waited since November to have someone from the company that owns the building to come and inspect. They finally made contact with the environment department and others so things are probably going to speed up now, but I just need to know how I could get this shit without hugging anyone else than my dog. Very short fur Amstaff Rottweiler who has nothing in his fur and no itching. My grownup kids are all well. Can this spread from ventilation between apartments? I have gone from having a big family, dog, girlfriends, sons living with me a lot to now being totally on my own in this apartment since first week of December. I have not worked a lot because of this exhausting regimen to keep everything clean. I can do work from home, but need to see customers in the health food business and I panic when thinking that this will continue.

I want to share one trick before I stop. If you want to clean up your pores follicles put pure aloe vera jelly all over your face or a spot you want to treat. Let it stay for 2-3 minutes, then rub on AlkoGel (alcohol, aloe vera). We can buy it cheaply in the grocery store here in Stockholm. You will soon see white, greasy things popping up. Continue to rub and pick the white stuff away. I use wet paper towels. Rinse with clean water and spray colloidal silver. I also use one glass of water mixed with 2 table spoons with MSM (Methy-Sulfonyl-Methane). This will freshen up all the affected area and has been the best of all products I have tried. But after reading all these comments I will for sure try the hydrogen peroxide. SOOOO GRATEFUL for this group! The aloe, AlkoGel, colloidal silver and MSM has made my life better and my skin much more beautiful again, but still I have the itching and biting on my feet and legs. I don’t go barefoot in here any longer! Big hug to all of you suffering from this devastating creep.

Comment posted by Kim of Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA on 28 December 2017 at 17:51       4886

This is the worst thing I have ever dealt with. It's depressing, humiliating, I feel dirty all the time. Have no idea how I got them but it's very sad and I'm loosing hope on getting rid of them. They're everywhere. Mostly now on my scalp. Just tried apple cider vinegar, seemed to help a lot. But the next day they were worse. I am digging about 40 mites out of my scalp a day. How gross is that? They're the ugliest bug I've ever seen. I just want a normal life again. Trying to kill them is very exhausting and painful.

Comment posted by Susan of Brookpark, OH, USA on 21 November 2017 at 23:54       4836

I've tried Neosporin, that will kill them but they'll react extremely badly and you may like me have about 5 inch round area that looks like rosacea. The ones that escape will scurry to other areas and do it all over again! I've had it for 15 years and just 8 months ago figured out what they are. I first read of hydrogen peroxide here they hate it and it works a little. But not like Neosporin. Except one can't slather neosporin all over, its dangerous at that amount. I wish I'd left them alone!

Question posted by Audrey Kelley of Las Vegas, NV, USA on 1 November 2017 at 6:20       4811

These mites that have been my nightmare since April. They may not be Demodex. An army of them appeared on my bathroom window sill, so I immediately wiped them off. They were black in color. A week later, 14 ugly itchy sores appeared on my body. I treated them with multi-purpose enzyme liquid and tea tree oil. My body is now healed, but they moved into my mouth. Despite rinses with hydrogen peroxide and Listerine, I'm still spitting dozens into the sink, I can see some present in my sputum. I am 90 years old, caring for my Alzheimer's stricken husband. Even our doctor doesn't have any answers. I am at the end of my rope.

Comment posted by Eva of Carson City, NV, USA on 28 September 2017 at 5:38       4775

I totally agree with several of the comments about Clove Oil, which I am just starting to use and take internally. I have suffered from these mites since 2012. Now both of my feet are the sizes of footballs. I have used hydrogen peroxide 3% to spray on my feet, it helps but really stings due to so many applications. I won’t stop using it but hopefully clove oil will be my saviour. Due to 2 knee replacements it is almost impossible for me to be able to get up out of the tub so I have only done showers since 2003 and now with the feet like they are, I purchases a plastic container from Walmart that is just wide enough for two, used to be skinny feet, and deep enough to almost reach my knees. I fill it with as much hot water as I can stand with one cup of HP 3% and 1 cup of Borax, soak in this as long as the water stays hot to warm. Good ole credit cards! You’ve heard stories on how to use them for dozen of things, well I use one to scrape my feet and legs with it after my soak and you sure see a lot of stuff that comes off on the card. I’m going to mix up a mixture of the clove oil with some other oils to put on my feet and legs after the soak and scrape. Here I am, just turned 90 and never had a bug in my life and this is what NV has given me. Never had a bug in Texas and hope I can get back there before my time is up!

Blessings to all of you who have offered your cures. It’s hard to keep your sanity but don t give up. I could wring the necks of a million so called doctors for not going to a medical school who taught about these things!

One thing I would caution anyone who has an old vacuum cleaner with a fan, please be careful if you are using diatomaceous earth powder on your carpets. This stuff is wonderful but don’t use it if your vac has a fan, it will clog up the fan and break it. This happened twice to me before the repair man suggested I stop using DE or not to use that particular vacuum. Each time I used the vac to clean up DE it cost me over $200.00. That kind of money sure could have helped me to buy Clove and other oils for my blasted critters.

Comment posted by Phyllis Corella of Oceanside,, NY, USA on 5 September 2017 at 18:25       4739

I have been reading this site for both my husband and my daughter who have rosacea. For most of his life my husband who is 77 used to put peroxide on his face after he shaved. For some reason he stopped about 2 or 3 years ago, and now he has rosacea. We never made the connection. He has once again started using peroxide after shaving. He does not shave every day. But after reading this forum, as soon as he wakes up this morning I am going to tell him that he should do a daily application, or perhaps 2x a day until it disappears.

Comment posted by erik w of Glendora, CA, USA on 31 August 2017 at 1:3       4733

I have had scabies 5 times now, getting reinfected every year, and I think it might be from my dog. I tried EVERYTHING to no avail....until I tried the BORAX-PEROXIDE solution. Nothing works better, and it completely cures me until I somehow get reinfected the following summer. I have found that the actual ratios are not important. I just put some hydrogen peroxide 3% in a small cup, and start adding borax until the borax will no longer dissolve. I then rub this mixture over the affected areas. I let it air dry, and about 10-20 minutes later THE ITCHING STOPS!!! Seems to take a couple of weeks to get rid of the infection, and I am cured for months. I have not tried the bath.... I know that the peroxide is used as a penetrating agent on the skin, and the borax is what actually kills the mite. I prefer the direct application. I think I am going to tell the wife that the dog stays outside from now on. Good luck to you!

Comment posted by TRISHA of Rensselaer, Indiana, USA on 18 July 2017 at 5:37       4680

A combination of peroxide and borax did the trick to get rid of my mites! I soaked in the tub up to my neck for about a half hour. The itch stopped immediately and no itching since! So thankful for this site!

Comment posted by Eva63 of Cleveland, Ohio, USA on 2 June 2017 at 2:21       4633

I've had these things for about ten years off and on. I'm 49 now, and a woman that's heavily scarred with big whitish patches and huge bumps from these pests. Why off and on? I've no idea. It just is. They hit hard for a while then slack off and come back even worse but for the past 2 years now there's not been much let up. I think I got them from a friend that had them and knew it but never told me! I'd hugged him after not seeing him in about 2 years and he was dotted with calamine lotion all over his arms, he jumped and was like oh oh I hope you dont get this! He said it was poison oak. Anyways months later I started getting what I though was extremely odd acne cores erupting on my upper arms and lower legs and my butt. Yes, my butt! So I ended up pulling them out with tweezers and then the fingernail size calipers I've used for years now. I never knew these were mites till I was researching put in the terms that got me to the demodex articles. I used the waterless hand sanitizer and it's 70% alcohol and it must have some peroxide because it caused some bumps to start having a tiny bit of whitish bubbling. I rubbed copious amounts in roughly, then watched as they struggled up out of my pores and through the goopy layer of hand sanitizer. After it quit burning I could feel the stinging itchy aggravating feel of them coming out and I could SEE the mites coming out! I'm so happy I know what these things are FINALLY!! I'm so scarred up I doubt I'll ever be in a relationship again.

Next I bought the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Apparently, the sores I have which are between my upper and lower arms were full of mites. Within 18 hours of using the peroxide straight no water I was itching so, so, very badly! The mites for the most part fled the original sores but I've got a new sore trying to form, and yes I picked it so its probably the reason it's a new sore. I've got two areas like rashes that water and itch on the insides of both arms in the bend of them. I felt those things biting me and moving on me trying to find and burrowing into new pores. I'm stopping the HP for few days, they are multiplying as fast as I can drown them in HP and pull them out of my pores! I'll report back soon...

Comment posted by Kip of Tempe, AZ, USA on 19 February 2017 at 13:26       4480

Reply to Heather of Lafayette, to her comment on 12 October 2015:
This is the same thing that happened to me ... I had a terrible case of shingles, my immune system was down, and ended up with an over population of demodex to say the least... ARGH! Still fighting this battle, had two good weeks followed by a resurgence a couple of days ago. First I started with the tea tree oil, and washed my face with antibacterial soap. Then used TTO shampoo, body wash, etc. Went to my regular doctor who prescribed an antibiotic but she knew nothing about demodex mites so I gave her a printout of the basics, which she did read, but other than the antibiotic Rx she offered nothing. Things got worse with my eyes so went to my local clinic. The clinic doctor knew something of Demodex yay!, gave me a Rx for gentamicin sulfate eye drops which did help. My regular eye doctor further prescribed steroid eye drops, ocular eyelid scrub plus, and lubricant eye drops. He had me continue with the antibiotic my regular doctor had prescribed and the eye drops the clinic had prescribed, and recommended that I continued using the other products I had purchased: tea tree oil shampoo, demodex control shampoo and the conditioner, and baby shampoo to wash my face day and night, because this product would not damage my eyes. I was to get rid of my pillows and purchase hypoallergenic mite-resistant pillows with mite, bacteria, allergy control and bed bug proof encasement pillow protectors. In the interim, I encased my old pillows in plastic trash bags, which seemed to help a bit they have since been tossed and replaced with the new pillows. i wash my laundry in HOT water adding PineSol supposedy this kills demodex? Everything seemed to be coming along... and then a couple of days ago, BAM! They were back with a vengeance! Immediately went online to see what I might add to my already exhausting daily routine. Did I mention I am a 77 year old woman and work full time from home? Thank goodness it's from home or I would have had to take leave or quit. As the mites are either killed or driven away from an area, they are now ending up at the back of my neck and other lower areas of my body. I am going to try the Hydrogen Peroxide and rubbing alcohol and, per a recommendation of a friend, a product called Bag Balm originally intended for farmers to treat cows udders, which is basically petroleum jelly with a low-grade antibiotic. The idea is suffocating the mites and with the antibiotic, to hopefully avoid ending up with an infection from the dead mites. We'll see... All I know is this is AWFUL and the regimen is extremely exhausting. As mentioned by others, it is depressing as hell and takes everything out of you. Good luck to us all!

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