Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, melaleuca alternifolia essential oil, properties, traditional healing uses, recipes, warnings.

Question posted by Jade of London , UK, UK on 22 October 2017 at 3:5       4798

I have undergone this hell since I owned a puppy for a week. Not sure what type of mites but the regime I follow is: Scrub body with salt in shower. Dry skin then rubbing alcohol over infested areas. Slather entire body with a mix of castor oil, neem oil containing seed, oregano oil, clove oil and tea tree. I use neem oil plus tea tree oil in my hair. Now they are converging on my eyes. I am trying castor oil with tea tree oil. Is this safe?

Question posted by Bronwen of Tottenham, London, England on 10 October 2017 at 22:32       4783

Hi Mik, Could you tell me the ratio of coconut oil, tea tree and clove oil you used? I initially had scabies but my doctors are convinced that I no longer have them and that something else is attacking my skin. After googling my symptoms, everything points to Dermodex mites. Anything I can do to rid myself of these mites would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Comment posted by Mik of Melbourne , VIC , Australia on 5 October 2017 at 21:29       4781

Ok guys if anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to reply to me. Yeast fungi is related to demodex and so is your immune system and for people like me major stress events caused the initial outbreak. Once you are susceptible to them once, you’ll always be so it’s a matter of maintaining a healthy low sugar anti-candida diet with a few supps and a good shampoo with tea tree oil, coconut oil and clove oil. I’ve had a mite infection since 2012. I developed it before my 44 days of court and was taking drugs with the stress. Idiot, I know. But oh well it’s done now... I suffered, lost my hair line, eye lashes and my freakin mind! Mites were in my nose, under my arms, all over my shoulders my cheeks and eyebrows. I used 100 different remedies Ivermectin , TTO, ethanol, sulphurs, multi vitamins, cleaner diet and no matter what I just could not get them fully under control. I tried an anti histamine called aureus, it cured me completely for 6 weeks then all the sudden my body got used to it and they came back worse than ever. I spent all this money on products when all I needed was TTO, clove oil and coconut oil in my shampoo and a herb called Pau d-arco. It’s a bark from the Amazon that controls yeast and fungus on the skin! It regulated my problem on my skin and has completely cured me I have a problem worth 5 now compared to 100 previously. People please I have the answer! Mik

Comment posted by Lin Bee of Mesa, AZ, USA on 24 September 2017 at 8:41       4770

My dear suffering friends, you are not alone. I do this and have received lots of assist with my Demodex issues. It has been a bit costly but with a little caution I purchased a few things to get started on the road to recovery. It takes time as it took time to get into this situation about 10 years I would guess. First I got the mite overgrowth when I got sick. Stress is not good either. I had to get that under control. I let my family know that I needed time to heal and their problems must be solved by them, not me unless they needed some quick easy advice. I Do not talk on the phone a lot. It leads to more stress. Left off TV watching. Listened to classical or Christian music. Then after calming down, I start to collect a few things like TTO, ACV, Neem oil, an organic shampoo to which I added TTO and other insecticidal oils for my hair. I bought tons of cotton makeup remover pads and Q tips. Started with Boric Acid as an eye wash, 1 tbs in 16 oz of distilled water in a glass jar to keep them out at night or use Castor oil. Used an organic lotion at night to moisturize my skin. They like dry, flaky skin to munch on along with skin pore oils. I have almost gotten rid of my mites in 5 months. Still have breakouts around my nose and forehead since running them out of my eyes and eyebrows but they all fell out long ago. I still feel them in my hair at night but I just try to relax and go to sleep. I bought an organic Biotin shampoo and added Neem oil, TTO, Borax powder for cleansing my hair before bed. I use a Shea butter lotion and add TTO, Neem oil, and Oregano Oil to rub myself down at night. It seems to work for me. It is a battle I will always have to wage. I am prone to overgrowth as I am susceptible to stress and need to be extra vigilant due to fibromyalgia issues. I eat good food. I can’t fight them off if I am malnourished. I eat everything except spicy, hot foods, nuts, junk food, sugary foods, but other than that I eat a balanced diet. I also eat a lot of raw garlic which is a natural antibiotic.

I won’t take drugs for this mite overgrowth. In fact, I never went to the doctor. I relied on my own research and saved my money for the things I need to get rid of them. The Drs will drain you of needed funds. So, beware. I can’t express enough that this is fixable. It won’t be overnight but it is doable. One must not give into depression, although, it is normal to be a bit upset about these mites but a pity party mentality won’t help but will only leads to more stress which turns into more mites, trust me, I know. The best way about this is to stay positive and know that with the help of God and others who suffer, we will come through this stronger and healthier. Just know that. Be kind to yourself and be patient too, a real key to success. I could go on and on with my regime but it would be repetition as many of these same helpful items are here in other posts. What I did differently than most is pray and rely on my God and my hubby to help me get through. I didn’t tell outsiders about this as it is too personal, just family. The more people who know the more rejection I will get. It is best just to concentrate on getting well and leaving others out of the loop unless you know someone you can trust. Well for now this is all I have to share. I am 80% over this, as I said earlier, as I do have a ways to go. Getting the dermatitis around the nose healed is my biggest issue now. If anyone has any ideas, please share them. Thanks and God bless all who suffer with me. Lin Bee

Comment posted by Isles Grange of Auckland City, Auckland, New Zealand on 12 August 2017 at 12:39       4705

I'm gluten intolerant and eat 100% wheat-free. I still have an overpopulation of demodex after trying tea tree oil galore for over 10 years, tea tree oil wipes, mustard (don't try this it burns skin), permethrin cream, crotamiton cream (Eurax cream), jasmine oil, oregano oil, olive oil, vitamin e cream, parsley tablets, sulfur tablets, sulfur cream, olive leaf tablets, olive leaf cream, bepanthen cream, crusaders cream, black tea bags, coffee, garlic oil, castor oil, basil oil, fresh basil pesto, lavender oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil cream, tea tree oil soap, baby shampoo, Selsun blue shampoo, antiseptic wipes, proactive soap, Dettol hand wash etc etc etc. I'm still looking for something that works without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Comment posted by Poppi smom of Virginia Beach, VA, USA on 22 July 2017 at 2:52       4688

I have had these horrible mites for years probably but they just got worse and worse. Two dermatologists, one eye doc and a family doc cannot agree on it. I have used antifungal meds, essential oils, sea buck thorn oil, Ivermectin cream, antibiotic lotion, antibiotic pills and I was still miserable with them. Lately I have been using Cerave cream during the day, heavy coating. I see them float up into this. At night I use Nivea cream in the little metal pots on most of my skin areas with a light coating of Aquaphor ointment on my lips and corners of my mouth where they love to hide! This and cleaning up my diet has helped more than any doctors prescriptions! I probably have learned to live with these critters more now that I understand everyone has them, just not a mother lode like I had.

Comment posted by AnaBanana of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on 15 June 2017 at 5:9       4645

I knew a young man from Europe who kept hiding his hands, when I inquired through his interpeter, I implored him to show me his shame was hands just covered in warts, poor thing! We went to the drug store and got thick white cotton gloves, 2 bottles organic cold pressed castor oil. I explained when home to clean hard surfaces with vineger, rub in castor oil, put gloves on, reapply at night, for at least 6 weeks. After 1 month he showed up so excited, nearly all gone, he had suffered for years. I did encourage him to continue 1 more month to be sure to get all the root of the wart.

I also use castor oil on my face and eyes. Drop clean organic castor oil into my eyes to kill Demodex mites. I tear for a couple days because of mite die off. I have used it on my face, ears, nose, body, mixed with eucalyptus oil for face and brows. It really gets red, they hate it, but after a few days, much cleaner, better, pores smaller.

Comment posted by Rob M of Melbourne, Vic, Aus on 12 June 2017 at 21:14       4643

I had red eyelids and was losing my hair on eyelids and around eyes. Add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo. Use full strength organic castor oil on your eyelids and eyelashes, apply with a cotton tip or a clean finger. It kills mites is not harsh. It doesn't sting and doesn't harm your eyes. Put it on in the evening, re-apply before going to bed. You can also use castor oil on your face and eyebrows.

Comment posted by Lin B. of Mesa, Arizona, USA on 12 June 2017 at 9:47       4642

I thought I was allergic to everything I ate. We had gotten the flu in November of 2016 and it lasted into 2017. Obviously our immune systems were very low and this is what I now know caused us to be infested with the demodex mites. I had dry eye for years and was being treated for it but still the skin breakouts continued. Redness, swelling, blurry vision etc. Well, when I saw these mites on youtube, I just about went crazy and we stared to research this issue. We found TTO and alcohol mixed with distilled water was something to use daily. I bought a huge bottle and put it in our shampoo. Washed the sheets and towels often and used Borax. After reading all the posts here, we will now be more aggressive with the Borax and HP solution. We are better and the waxy eyelids are going away and our eyes feel great when we use Boric Acid washes several times a day. Yes, this is an ongoing issue since they are on us all but they can be controlled. It is necessary to keep a pH in the area of 6-7 and stay away from refined foods, sodas, greasy foods, caffeine, hot drinks and all the things that the mites love to feast on during the day when they are not laying eggs. The cycle is 15-20 days and so we think that a cure will take 3-6 months. It isn't possible to get totally rid of them but they can be less of an issue. Once the rosacea goes away and the swelling isn't bad, life gets better. For those of you who are struggling with this, as many are, just keep up the treatment that works for you. I hope that what I have shared has been helpful.

Comment posted by All over my body of Gold Coast , QLD, Australia on 10 June 2017 at 19:4       4641

I put 100% tea tree oil over my whole body because I read that scientists said that it takes 4 minutes to kill demodex mites with 100% tree tree oil. DO NOT DO THIS! I got intoxicated from covering my entire body in 100% tea tree oil every inch except around my eyes. I started to feel like dancing I was in the shower and I actually did I was feeling really strange but good strange. I didn't realise that the TTO was poisoning me and causing me to have an intoxication-like experience. After a while I decided to wash it off and when I started to wash it off I knew I was in trouble and that I had to some extent poisoned myself. I alerted family members and washed it off with soap including all over my scalp. I'm just laying down now writing this so that no one makes the same mistake that I made as it could potentially really cause serious damage or kill someone. I use 100% tea tree oil on my face which is where I suffer with the burning sensation which is triggered by almost all foods, and was just fed up with this and thought while I was in the shower doing my scalp that I'd do my whole body, big mistake! I believe it works but I won't be doing my whole body at once again, just in sections. Stay safe please don't use it all over your body at once 100% undiluted like it did. Peace and love.

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