Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, melaleuca alternifolia essential oil, properties, traditional healing uses, recipes, warnings.

Comment posted by Mike Alger of Ashland, NE, USA on 27 May 2022 at 0:52       5349

I’ll be 64 in June and this is the worst thing I’ve encountered in my life. I discovered my shop and house has water leaks causing mold AND I’ve been dealing with bird mites that infested my shop and moved to my house for three years. Doctors thought I was nuts or on drugs. I have leukaemia and do blood test regularly. Three bug people been out, all trying to sell me something I didn’t need or regular bug treatments. None of them drilled a hole, scraped or scooped anything. I would have spent $5000 so far to eliminate my issues. My dog and I were bothered and the hardest part of this whole ordeal is my wife says it’s in my head. Mites were in my hair, eyebrows, nose, ankles, elbows, ears. My wife helped clean and ran laundry booster if she thought about it. I found an enzyme cleaner like Kleen green will take the brown off your skin, stop itching and make black things fall off you in the sink. I’ve cleared 80% of my issues. I now know what to look for and how to treat. Watch for brown powder, black specs or dots and dust in your clothes. I enzyme spay and shake off clothes I wear, the dust turns into floating white things and when you vacuum your dirt container looks like a cotton candy machine. Dermatologist said I had nibs without one sample or looking at skin close. This is a fight of your own. I don’t say anything to friends or family, tired of the he’s nuts look. Enzyme cleaners YES, diatomaceous earth YES, constant cleaning YES, neem oil YES, tea tree body wash YES, borax YES. These are all part of my life now. Now no itching or bites 95% of the time.

Reply from David Niven Miller:
I would suggest the mould is the bigger problem and it is essential to fix all leaks and clean the mould with a chlorine bleach cleaner. Bird mites are only a possible problem if you have occupied birds nests close to the house or shop.

Comment posted by ma2glenn of Ottawa, ON, Canada on 14 March 2022 at 15:55       5344

Some comments: Demodex mites aren't visible without a microscope. Everyone most likely has some demodex mites. People with compromised immune systems may have increased numbers. Rosacea and demodex may be related. Demodex mites cannot cross species. What does cross species might be ringworm.

Comment posted by Jennifer Remington of Tucumcari, NM, USA on 11 January 2022 at 21:13       5333

The simple and cheapest answer is a 10% sulfur soap which can be bought for around $5 per bar. Use 8-10 drops of high quality tea tree oil in your bath and scrub down and lather up with the sulfur soap. Stay in the warm bath for around 20 minutes or so. When you get out your skin may be mildly irritated so carefully blot dry with a towel. Be sure to wash your face with a wash cloth using the sulfur soap and leave it on for around 2-3 minutes then gently rinse off with cool water. The combination of the sulfur scrub and the tea tree oil in the bath will kill most of the mites and after about 2 months your problem will be either under control or eliminated entirely.

Comment posted by Chaos Is of Toledo, OR, USA on 19 February 2021 at 0:42       5292

I'm not sure which type of mite that I have because my Dr thinks I'm a little nuts simply because he cannot see what I can. I have been dealing with them off and on for about 4 years. I am a pre-diabetic. Stress sometimes gets the better of me as I suffer from anxiety disorder, OCD, severe depression and untreated ADHD. I use salicylic acid in an acne scrub. I use it in the shower. Just leave it on for two to five minutes and it brings them to the surface. It stings a little but only because it's working. I recently began using 50-50 vinegar water mixture to spray my furniture and perimeter inside my home. As well as, using it to clean the mold from the walls and window sills. This is when I notice the mites in my hair to be terrifyingly uncontrollable. I honestly can say, I have tried most of the treatments on the list. Coconut oil in my conditioners really helps, and tea tree oil helps some of the time. I am constantly doing laundry and changing my clothes and bedding. I vacuum several times a day. Even my front porch. Ugh. Good luck everyone. May you find peace and clarity soon.

Comment by David Niven Miller: your heavy laundering, cleaning and vacuuming are unnecessary. Read the Grow Youthful web pages detailing the three main types of human skin mites to see how they are transmitted. Stress and anxiety weaken your immune system and are probably the main cause of the mite build up.

Comment posted by FranklyMe of Renton, WA, USA on 16 December 2020 at 6:23       5283

I am 51 years old and in the last 2 years my eyes have gone from perfect eyesight to that I can hardly see and I have double vision. It started after my husband and I were caring for and re-homing a very sick dog from a veteran who passed away. She had eye infections and ear infections and a skin infection. We also had a puppy and did our best to keep them separate. Fast forward a month and I get this insane itching on my eyelids then my scalp and a few tiny painful bites in my eyebrows that quickly got infected with abscesses. My husband, a nurse said looks like staph. I did a virtual doctor visit and went on 7 days antibiotics for staph. Two days after the last dose went to urgent care for another abscess and went on 14 days antibiotics and Mupirocin ointment. That cleared the infection but still itching, hair loss and my eyesight is getting drastically worse by the day. Still getting tiny red and painful bites, still using tea tree oil and oil of oregano and being very careful with regard to skin injuries. In August I scratched a bite in my sleep and it got infected went to the urgent care the next day. The doctor thought it was just a reaction like to a spider bite and he put me on antibiotics. Three days later I end up in the hospital on IV antibiotics for methicillin-resistant staph infection and had to have surgery. My eyelashes, eyebrows, scalp seem to have no injuries or bite marks but have lots of itching and I can’t see hardly anything. The doc says she thinks folliculitis and puts me on doxycycline. Is not sure if it is caused by mites.

I did more research and found a peer-reviewed study saying if a pet dog mites bite you they leave a really painful red mark, and sometimes mites can cause ocular damage. Also the people who tend to have ocular problems tend to have the mites that cause the methicillin-resistant staph. When the mites carry methicillin-resistant staph they can spread the infection all over your body anywhere that you have an abrasion or breaking your skin or anywhere that they can burrow into your skin or your hair follicles.

I’m seriously struggling here and my next step is to see an eye doctor who hopefully can give me something that is stronger than tea tree oil. I’ve never had eye problems in my life. I have been using tee tree oil 74% to 100% on my face, scalp and neck, and 50% TTO scrub on my eyelids since April 2020. Next I will also be using diatomaceous earth.

Question posted by John of Melbourne, Florida, USA on 29 October 2020 at 1:42       5276

I have mites in my hair, up my nose, in my ears, they bite my feet at night. Are they mites, little black pepper looking things? I have used kerosine, Dawn dish soap, tree tea oil, nothing kills them, put insecticide in my hair, did not work. Man alive what are they? Will sulfur soap or borax work? Not going to a doctor, he will laugh at me. Please help if you know about them thanks.

Comment posted by John of Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand on 26 September 2020 at 21:26       5272

I have had Rosacea for about 8 years and have only recently learnt of the connection with face mites. I soaked a handkerchief in apple cider vinegar and applied it to my forehead as a test for about two hours for two evenings. That caused small red welts which I believe are eggs mites that have been killed by the acidity. I have used 50-50 coconut oil and tea tree oil on my face nightly for a week and the redness is receding. I find mites on my sheets in the morning and presume the TT oil is killing them when they come out in the dark. I use ACV now as a skin cleaner morning and night and that routine is working well for me. I would not recommend soaking the skin with ACV as it creates small red areas which are unsightly and take a long time to heal. Better to slowly reduce numbers by cleaning regularly and kill them when they come out. I’ve read that the TTO is dissipated in about 4 hours so if you wake in the night it is helpful to reapply. This routine is very simple and does work.

Comment posted by Marge of Claremont, NH, USA on 18 September 2020 at 1:16       5269

I had severe demodex infestation. It began after a very stressful period of time and soon after, H1N1. Then demodex got me when my resistance was low. Although I’m sure I had them for a long time as I’ve had hair loss and itchy scalp for years. I tried Ungex but didn’t have enough success. Poor sleep, stress, frustration all made things worse. My dermatologist prescribed ivermectin pills which did nothing for me. I did a lot of research and was reading from some that ivermectin 1 topical and metronidazole .75 topical gave good results. My NP prescribed both of those but insurance only covered metronidazole and not the ivermectin which was around $350 if it was out of pocket so I decided to hold off on that. Finally I talked to a friend who is a farmer. He told me they give ivermectin to their cattle and just pour it over the tops of their backs. I checked it out in the farm store nearby, and found I could get ivermectin for horses, 1.87 for around $8. At that time I took it upon myself to mix the ivermectin with a carrier of aloe vera gel...same amounts of each mixed together. This is because it’s twice as strong as what the doctor recommended. I use just enough about a pea size to put a very thin layer on the worst areas. Then a thin covering of metronidazole on the rest of my body, mostly torso . Still do my scalp with tea tree oil every night on damp hair and go to bed with a light weight shower cap. This is working very well. I’m sleeping and feeling much less stressed. So basically for me I am finding that the topical ivermectin and metronidazole are helping considerably and tea tree oil spray on my scalp every night continues to work as well. I am still having several days in a row that nothing is bothering and then all of a sudden a new hatch will break out which I seem to get under control quite quickly with this new method. I am optimistic that eventually I can discontinue treatment although I will continue it for several months beyond the point that I’m feeling anything. I don’t want to let this happen again! Wish you all the best! Marge

Comment posted by Moonbeam of Jupiter, Florida, USA on 7 September 2020 at 2:23       5263

I use castor oil on my eyelashes and eyelids every night to leave on while I sleep. I also use it on my scalp, ears, neck and jawline mixed with a little coconut oil to thin it and add few drops of tea tree and lavender oil. I leave it on my scalp overnight and make sure to do it at least 2 nights in a row without washing out if possible. It is difficult to wash out so I try to apply it to my scalp without getting much on my hair. A pointy tip applicator bottle helps. If you have long enough hair it helps to pull it all up or back and clasp it so it doesn’t travel down to the ends of your hair. You may have to shampoo twice to remove it or use dish detergent. Within several hours to a day after this treatment, you may get some crusty waxy patches or flakes on your skin scalp. After you scratch them off the skin underneath may be red but it will clear up quickly. I also use diatomaceous earth. Good Luck!

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 3 June 2020 at 15:8       5231

Hi Roberta,
The exact formula that each of these proprietary sprays uses is the reason they can charge a lot for them. In your previous comment I added a list of the ingredients used in your spray, which as you said has not cured you 100%. However, from the hundreds of comments on the Demodex mite pages at this Grow Youthful forum, visitors have shared which ingredients they have found to be effective. You will have to experiment yourself with your own combinations. I wish you well, and many visitors here will be interested to hear of your results. David

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