Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Meditation

Meditation - a place that all of us can visit, a place of safety and comfort, where you can sit and just be

Comment posted by Lin Bee of Mesa, AZ, USA on 24 September 2017 at 8:41       4770

My dear suffering friends, you are not alone. I do this and have received lots of assist with my Demodex issues. It has been a bit costly but with a little caution I purchased a few things to get started on the road to recovery. It takes time as it took time to get into this situation about 10 years I would guess. First I got the mite overgrowth when I got sick. Stress is not good either. I had to get that under control. I let my family know that I needed time to heal and their problems must be solved by them, not me unless they needed some quick easy advice. I Do not talk on the phone a lot. It leads to more stress. Left off TV watching. Listened to classical or Christian music. Then after calming down, I start to collect a few things like TTO, ACV, Neem oil, an organic shampoo to which I added TTO and other insecticidal oils for my hair. I bought tons of cotton makeup remover pads and Q tips. Started with Boric Acid as an eye wash, 1 tbs in 16 oz of distilled water in a glass jar to keep them out at night or use Castor oil. Used an organic lotion at night to moisturize my skin. They like dry, flaky skin to munch on along with skin pore oils. I have almost gotten rid of my mites in 5 months. Still have breakouts around my nose and forehead since running them out of my eyes and eyebrows but they all fell out long ago. I still feel them in my hair at night but I just try to relax and go to sleep. I bought an organic Biotin shampoo and added Neem oil, TTO, Borax powder for cleansing my hair before bed. I use a Shea butter lotion and add TTO, Neem oil, and Oregano Oil to rub myself down at night. It seems to work for me. It is a battle I will always have to wage. I am prone to overgrowth as I am susceptible to stress and need to be extra vigilant due to fibromyalgia issues. I eat good food. I can’t fight them off if I am malnourished. I eat everything except spicy, hot foods, nuts, junk food, sugary foods, but other than that I eat a balanced diet. I also eat a lot of raw garlic which is a natural antibiotic.

I won’t take drugs for this mite overgrowth. In fact, I never went to the doctor. I relied on my own research and saved my money for the things I need to get rid of them. The Drs will drain you of needed funds. So, beware. I can’t express enough that this is fixable. It won’t be overnight but it is doable. One must not give into depression, although, it is normal to be a bit upset about these mites but a pity party mentality won’t help but will only leads to more stress which turns into more mites, trust me, I know. The best way about this is to stay positive and know that with the help of God and others who suffer, we will come through this stronger and healthier. Just know that. Be kind to yourself and be patient too, a real key to success. I could go on and on with my regime but it would be repetition as many of these same helpful items are here in other posts. What I did differently than most is pray and rely on my God and my hubby to help me get through. I didn’t tell outsiders about this as it is too personal, just family. The more people who know the more rejection I will get. It is best just to concentrate on getting well and leaving others out of the loop unless you know someone you can trust. Well for now this is all I have to share. I am 80% over this, as I said earlier, as I do have a ways to go. Getting the dermatitis around the nose healed is my biggest issue now. If anyone has any ideas, please share them. Thanks and God bless all who suffer with me. Lin Bee