Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Flowers of sulphur

Flowers of sulphur uses, benefits, application.

Comment posted by Di of Athens, Ontario, Canada on 5 August 2022 at 17:57       5376

I too suffer from intense itching, crawling and sores. I have tried sulfur soap, Permethrin cream. For instant relief, I used rubbing alcohol all over my body after a shower. I have used a heat rub cream the kind for sore muscles. I rub it in and I get all kinds of debris coming from my skin. It is not a cure but seems to remove them. I have taken oral Canesten for yeast infection which I wondered if I too had a yeast overgrowth, seeing as I had infection on my feet. I tried to treat it from the inside instead of outside. This slowed things for a while but my foot fungus is back. I have had this over three years, wondered if it happened after getting a flu shot or a cat bite. We also got chickens so I wondered if its chicken mites? Been to my family doctor a few times, no answer and am on a wait list with dermatologist. Praying for all of us. I too, am at my wits end.

Comment posted by Jennifer Remington of Tucumcari, NM, USA on 11 January 2022 at 21:13       5333

The simple and cheapest answer is a 10% sulfur soap which can be bought for around $5 per bar. Use 8-10 drops of high quality tea tree oil in your bath and scrub down and lather up with the sulfur soap. Stay in the warm bath for around 20 minutes or so. When you get out your skin may be mildly irritated so carefully blot dry with a towel. Be sure to wash your face with a wash cloth using the sulfur soap and leave it on for around 2-3 minutes then gently rinse off with cool water. The combination of the sulfur scrub and the tea tree oil in the bath will kill most of the mites and after about 2 months your problem will be either under control or eliminated entirely.

Question posted by John of Melbourne, Florida, USA on 29 October 2020 at 1:42       5276

I have mites in my hair, up my nose, in my ears, they bite my feet at night. Are they mites, little black pepper looking things? I have used kerosine, Dawn dish soap, tree tea oil, nothing kills them, put insecticide in my hair, did not work. Man alive what are they? Will sulfur soap or borax work? Not going to a doctor, he will laugh at me. Please help if you know about them thanks.

Comment posted by Jimbo of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on 28 August 2019 at 11:12       5175

I had mites all over and tried many remedies. I now alternate borax baths and sulfer soap. I take a hot shower and lather the sulfer soap all over and sit 30 minutes to let it dry. After I found many black specks on me. After three applications no more specks. I still borax bath twice a month and do bleach baths twice a week. I use one cup of no-fragrance bleach in two inches water in the tub. I don't ever want to go through this horrible experience again.

Comment posted by Perin Kenwood of NYC, NY, USA on 25 April 2019 at 11:57       5144

I used Sulphur 8 shampoo for mites, it works great, leave in when washing hair. Baby shampoo kills mites on eye lids. Everyone has mites, the cleaner you are when you wash with these items, the lower the count. Once a day is fine till you get rid of the bulk of them, them max once a week showers. Colloidal silver on eyelashes gets rid of the mites in lash roots.

Comment posted by David Miller of Perth, Western Australia, Australia on 23 January 2018 at 9:27       4912

Reply to Waterfal, of Silverspring, Maryland
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Question posted by Waterfal of Silver spring , Maryland, USA on 23 January 2018 at 9:12       4911

Does anyone know how to use flowers of sulfur to get rid of demodex mites? I have them on my face and scalp. I have the powder but don't know how to use it.

Comment posted by Hopeful of London, London, UK on 25 November 2017 at 6:31       4843

Hello all. I share your pain. I had a demodex infestation for the first time in august this year. It took a while to understand what it was. I thought they were little lice. My skin burned, it was very red, itchy, painful, and the crawling, gosh! It started on the face and quickly spread to the whole body including the scalp, and yes, it was when my immune system was very down with a pharyngitis. I share the despair of this terrible affliction and have for months read all blogs, sites, medical journals I could find. Doctors have not helped. I have seen four doctors now including a dermatologist and no progress. It is very frustrating but I am trying to be hopeful. I have tried borax, peroxide scrub and bath, tea tree oil, permethrin cream everyday on the whole body for a week , eurax cream good for the itch and not so pricey as permethrin , dermol, neem oil, copaiba oil, you name it... I have spent so much money. I have been prescribed Rosex for the face which I used twice per day and I also apply Dermalex rosacea which is incredibly expensive but helps relieve the itch. On the body and scalp, I have applied a mix of coconut oil with moxidectin relative to my weight mixed well applied once and again after two weeks . It temporarily helped but I was worried about the known side effects dizziness, ataxia, coma! So I didn’t pursue further. Please bear in mind that this product is not approved in humans and accumulates in the body only released after 20 days. What has alleviated my symptoms a lot has been a daily or twice daily shower with sulphur soap, leave it on the skin and scalp for a bit if possible. At night a mix of coconut oil with Manuka honey which I read about on this blog 3:1 ratio. Not a pleasant mix, the smell and stickiness. I sleep with that on the skin and shower in the morning with sulphur soap again. The coconut oil stays, the honey goes. Applying the mix works better after a shower as the skin does not stick so much, feels more bearable. My arms, tummy, nostrils and scalp are much better . Legs, shoulders, eyebrows and face are improving slowly. My scalp stopped scaling but still hurts when I put my head in the pillow. If I leave it for a few days without applying the skin starts to flare up again. It’s been 20 days, hard work but I feel I can have normal days again. The crawling on my face is mostly gone. I am yet to try ice or a cold shower but warm baths set it off. To improve my immune system I have been taking 1/2 lemon with warm water first thing every morning, taking a daily brew of fresh ginger 1cm sliced , peppercorns and 1/2 lemon, in boiling water leave for 30 min before drinking. I also started taking water kefir once per day for some probiotics. I can’t have much oily food or nuts as it sets off my rosacea or face demodex. I just hope this helps someone. Thanks for sharing your remedies, it has made my life much better. Keep hoping, the complete cure for this may appear one day soon. Namaste!

Comment posted by Tessa of Stafford, Staffordshire, England on 28 April 2017 at 8:16       4585

Hi. It's still early days for me but after seven weeks of sheer misery I have started to get some relief at last. After trying so many things I finally found flowers of sulphur the best treatment for me. I rub the powder very sparingly all over my body and also on my scalp. I never put it on my face because the face is very sensitive and if you get sulphur in the eye it stings like hell. For my face at night I would mix in a cup tea tree oil five drops, half a teaspoon castor oil, two or three drops of neem oil and half a teaspoon macadamia oil. I have been doing this for four days and it is definitely getting much better. At one stage I had the most awful painful stinging bouts on various parts of my body but that also got less. For my eyes I would be very careful. I was treating them for blepharitus. I bought a foam eye treatment for this from the chemist. I would use the foam and then put eye ointment around and in the eye during the day and night. I then carefully applied tea tree oil three drops to upper and lower lids with a cotton bud. As I said it is still early days but my relief is amazing so far.

Comment posted by Miserable of New york, NY, USA on 23 November 2016 at 15:8       4381

I have suffered with this for a year and a half, trying to get different doctors to take me seriously. Many different diagnoses, the main one is rosacea, but they think I'm crazy when I say it is elsewhere on my body. I cover my face and neck with vaseline or other ointment at night. It traps the things that crawl out on your face to mate. I wipe that off in the morning, wash my face with a tea tree oil face wash, then a sulfur based face wash from the dr. I use an eye scrub pad with tea tree oil. When I shower I wash my hair with tea tree oil shampoo first then I use TTO body wash and wash piece by piece. When I dry off I make sure to use different parts of the towel for each body part and make sure every inch is dry. I also take baths with vinegar, borax and epsom salt. At times I will mix white vinegar 1/3 and 2/3 olive oil, put it all over my body and wait about 15-20 minutes, shower and then take the borax and vinegar bath. I have been doing this for about a month and it has paid off. It is important to note that if you take the bath you need to wash your neck and face very well with TTO fade wash, etc. Otherwise the little critters will infest that area severely. It works, but you have to be consistent and not give up.

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