Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar. Traditional home remedy for heartburn/reflux and many ailments detailed on this site. How to use it. What to buy. Warnings on its use.

Question posted by Up all night of Alamo, CA, USA on 30 August 2017 at 18:51       4731

This is a question for Fitness Chick of Johnson City, TN. Comment 1544, 13/11/13.
You mentioned a mixture of zinc oxide, TTO and micanazole. Would you please let me know what products you used i.e. I have no familiarity with micanazole and assumed it is a female product. I am a guy. Since you had some great results, I wanted to copy your mixture i.e. what percentage of each product did you use and which products what company made the product did you use? Thank you.

Comment posted by Blushing Brenda of Mt Juliet, TN, USA on 13 November 2016 at 11:5       4365

My Face suddenly became seriously inflamed and was on fire, not itching so much as a tingling fire sensation. It made me want to open wide and stretch my skin. It also flared up on my neck. I've had it a few times thru the years, but in the last 6 months I've had it repeatedly. Sometimes it would feel as though the little hairs on my face and in my eyebrows were moving. It leaves my face very dry and swollen. I thought I might have gotten poison ivy on my face and tried all of those remedies, hydrocortisone, calamine lotion, claritin, scrubbed my face with hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial soap and so on. Today I washed my face thoroughly with Apple Cider vinegar, it felt wonderfully terrible if that makes sense, it burned but felt like It was kinda cleansing rubbing relief. Then I blew my face dry with blow dryer, it felt wonderful, immediate relief! Lasted all day.

Comment posted by Merle of Hilo, Hawaii, USA on 20 July 2016 at 18:27       4168

8 months into full head body demodex infestation and improving. Biting stopped and there were just a few itchy spots, but head, eyelashes, ears and nose were still active. That all changed this week when I started using 1 tsp. powdered mustard with a small amount of water and letting it develop for a couple of minutes, then add 1-2 tsp. MSM powder to the mustard and stir well. To this I added 2 to 4 oz. of liquid tea tree oil castile soap. I wash my hair and and body with this mixture, and used MSM bar soap to wash my face because it is sensitive. The result is that a couple of hours after the mustard wash, mites start biting itching me in many more spots than before. I believe this is because the MSM powder carries the mustard deep into my pores and flushes mites out that I couldn't reach before. When the mites come out and start biting itching, I scrub down my head and body with diluted cider vinegar to kill those crawling on my skin, and leave my skin to air dry. After the vinegar scrub, the biting itching stops and I oil myself up for the night. I'm hoping if I continue this for a few weeks, I will greatly reduce the number buried mites and speed up my recovery.

Comment posted by DEC of edmonton, alberta, canada on 13 January 2014 at 3:13       1698

I have tried half a cup of olive oil with 20 drops of tea tree oil, 20 drops of clove oil and 20 drops of lavender oil mixed together and applied to my body. For my hair half a cup apple cider vinegar with 20 dropes tea tree, 20 drops clove oil, and 20 drops lavender oil. Leave on hair for about 15 minutes then rinse off. I have mixed white vinegar with lavender oil in spray bottle and spray self when they are biting.

Comment posted by Danielle of Burlington, Vermont, USA on 9 December 2013 at 5:38       1604

A month ago I started having all the same symptoms, not soon after my younger children did too only milder if there is such a thing. It started with ichy heads and I treated for lice but then my left started in especially in the folds. Drs said it was eczema which clearly it is not. These things have attacked my ear so badly I cant even sleep on that side! I was given ivermectin which worked for a day or 2 till new eggs hatched and developed. I found that borax and peroxide baths help immensly but do not kill eggs in the folicles. These things r on all body parts in nose and even on tongue lips and gums....EWWW! Last night I did borax n peroxide bath and then blow dried my entire body it helped the most since this started and skin felt softer! Today I got tea tree oil which Im adding to lotion and shampoo. I also got some Apple Cider Vinegar. Ingredients are acv, cayenne pepper powder, ginger root powder, and 50% hydrocloric acid. I have read many positive reviews about acv and its mite killing power. My bf and I started taking 2 a day hopefully I can report positvely about this! What im struggling with most is keeping home clean with having a full time job and children. Ive read suggestions to wash bedding daily and dispose of pillows and buy new, maybe for someone who has money to do so but I just do not! Ive sprayed with bleach/water and borax/peroxide/water but I think the borax clogs the sprayer so I an gonna try straining the solution. This is an ongoing battle! I believe either the kitten we rescued brought this into my home, or that my teenager has had them for a while but we thought he just has bad acne from teenage boy hormones! Either way doesnt matter, what matters is getting rid of it before my once beautiful face is disfigured for life! I hope this helps, I will post with updates of progress.

Comment posted by FitnessChick of Johnson City, TN, USA on 13 November 2013 at 11:50       1544

I have been diagnosed with rosacea since I was 32 years old. I am now 48 and it has been a constant struggle. The blow to your self esteem, the missed appointments, work days, social event is just overwhelming. I am a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer so looking healthy has to be part of my job. With heavy exercise being a trigger, can u imagine what that is like! I am also Haitian, which is not your typical fair skinned, nordic type thay usually gets rosacea. I'm posting because I recently found a weird combination that has helped me so profoundly that I had to share. Thanks to all those who posted about demodex mites because I firmly believe they are really behind the scourge of rosacea. I had a recent flare up for about 3 weeks now and was getting no relief. My derm has prescribed Spironalactone which I had been taken 25mg for about 8 yrs now with occasional p&p's. That's the kind I have of course. But out of the blue, this flare up. Searched the web, found this website and really thought seriously for the first time about mites. Bought some TTO and applied it about a week ago. Ok for 2 days and then massive flare up from mite die off, wow! Panic. One day good, 3 days bad, typical. Into treatment about a week now and read a lot about metrodinazole and thought, I've got some miconazole (yeast fighter) why not try? So I made a paste of zinc oxide, tto and micanazole, spread it over my face and in the morning instant relief!!! Bumps gone, itching gone, amazing! I also treat lashes with tto as I have red eyes etc. Also make a home made eye drops of organic honey, apple cider vinegar and distilled or spring water. Put in eyes from an eye dropper 2x daily. Relief! 1 tsp of honey, 1/4 cup of water, 5-6 drops of vinegar but no more. Less is really more here so not too much vinegar. It will sting a little but don't put too much where it will burn. So far face is looking great and it only been a little over a week. Hope this helps a fellow sufferer as much as it has helped me. Love and health to all!