Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Salicylic acid

Comment posted by Chaos Is of Toledo, OR, USA on 19 February 2021 at 0:42       5292

I'm not sure which type of mite that I have because my Dr thinks I'm a little nuts simply because he cannot see what I can. I have been dealing with them off and on for about 4 years. I am a pre-diabetic. Stress sometimes gets the better of me as I suffer from anxiety disorder, OCD, severe depression and untreated ADHD. I use salicylic acid in an acne scrub. I use it in the shower. Just leave it on for two to five minutes and it brings them to the surface. It stings a little but only because it's working. I recently began using 50-50 vinegar water mixture to spray my furniture and perimeter inside my home. As well as, using it to clean the mold from the walls and window sills. This is when I notice the mites in my hair to be terrifyingly uncontrollable. I honestly can say, I have tried most of the treatments on the list. Coconut oil in my conditioners really helps, and tea tree oil helps some of the time. I am constantly doing laundry and changing my clothes and bedding. I vacuum several times a day. Even my front porch. Ugh. Good luck everyone. May you find peace and clarity soon.

Comment by David Niven Miller: your heavy laundering, cleaning and vacuuming are unnecessary. Read the Grow Youthful web pages detailing the three main types of human skin mites to see how they are transmitted. Stress and anxiety weaken your immune system and are probably the main cause of the mite build up.

Comment posted by Barbara of Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany on 16 January 2020 at 0:39       5195

Dear JO of Springville, UT, USA, thank you for your advice on using dog shampoo and witch hazel. I will try that for sure. I too have the same problems with demodex mites as you do and I have been searching for a cure. I have been using acne products that contain salicylic acid and that helps but it doesn't get rid of them completely. You can see mites if you buy a magnifying mirror that's magnifies at least 10 times depending on your eyesight you might need one that magnifies more. I also read that we should use oil-free cream because we would actually feed the mites with the oils we put on our skin. I use acne night creams that are oil-free and they are good for me even though I have dry skin. I live in Germany so please excuse any mistakes in my writing. If you find a cure please share! Thank you!