Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Bird mites

Remedy: Neem

Neem, description, medical and traditional uses. Properties include: fungicide, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, pain relief, analgesic,calmative, anti-inflammatory, fever reduction, antipyretic.

Comment posted by Pam of Fort Bragg, CA, USA on 10 March 2021 at 9:6       5295

I have been afflicted with some kind of biting mites here in northern CA since 2019 and they have continued to date. We have mostly tiny white biting dust mites of various sizes and they seem to be aerial sprayed into our outdoor air in overhead cloud formations daily. These mites come in from the outside and seem to live inside clothing or fabrics especially cotton or bedding, and even lampshades or blankets, upholstery, carpets, and even kitchen paper towels etc. We also had tiny black ones in 2019 like black pepper, but now in 2021 most are either white or silver colored. Some are about the size of the tip of a straight pin and some are larger like grains of sand. All bite the skin and / or invade skin pores. They especially like to congregate in the hair, scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids, ears and neck. But they will attack anywhere skin is available such as ankles and lower legs.

I discovered that organic fresh squeezed lime juice kills all of these skin-biting dust mites. I use about 1/3 of an organic lime squeezed into a cup of water and drink it like a fruit punch. It also makes me feel refreshed and renewed right away and calmer.

I also found that a shampoo with neem oil in it would easily wash these bugs off and also stopped skin rash or inflammation itching immediately. And then later I discovered that fresh-squeezed lime juice applied with the neem shampoo and some water would easily kill them for washing them away all over the body and soothe irritated skin. But my best Remedy now is to first wet the skin with tap water, add a little shampoo, and then add undiluted fresh squeezed organic lime fruit juice and rub over the affected skin. Leave on while washing all over and rinse off or wash one area at a time with a wet wash cloth. Sometimes I add a few drops of oregano essential oil mixed in, and then rinse off.

I find that since using lime juice on my face and neck areas that my skin looks younger. It is a Youth Serum unlike any other! It also tightens skin pores and lifts the skin probably through the skin benefits of improved liver and kidney function.

These tiny mites also attack my parakeet birds and my cat too especially on her stomach area where she has less fur. Lime juice kills them with just a little rubbed on the bite area for the cat. She the cat also licks the fresh lime juice off of my hands. Animals are more intuitive than people. I find kitty gets attacked less if I also give her braggs nutritional yeast daily mixed in her cat food gravy which she loves. I assume this will also help dogs that get bit by these bugs. I note that before I discovered these therapies my cat got some mange fur loss around her bushy tail area, and that a pet product named oatmeal mist did wonders for her tail mange problem right away and calmed her down from biting and scratching. I had to rub it on her though with a brown no chlorine paper towel that I had wet with the pet mist because she did not like the spray bottle application! She would lick it off too, but it did not make her sick at all.

I have some questions. Could MSM nutritional supplement could be used internally to help keep these biting dust mites off? This is a sulfur supplement and sulfur does go directly to the pores of the skin like garlic if you eat fresh raw garlic it will show up as a smell all the way down to your toes. Thus, maybe this MSM would work without the garlic breath? I wonder about peppermint too. If on the skin or clothes would it repel them? Peppermint oil does repel spiders and ants. Or maybe just having peppermint plants near the doorways and windows? Also Nutritional Yeast will repel mosquitos if 1 tbsp. is ingested daily for most humans. Thus, there has to be another answer to repel them before they bite! But for now...I’m using organic lime juice on my skin as I’m thrilled to look 40 again at the actual age of 71 years! People are really shocked when I tell them my real age! Maybe I should keep this a secret. With Blessings to you all!

REPLY from David Niven Miller, Grow Youthful website owner:

Hi Pam, It is unlikely that you have demodex mites, or that they have been sprayed – because demodex mites would die within minutes if carried in the air. It is more likely that you and your property are infected with bird mites such as ornithonyssus bursa, ornithonyssus sylviarum, dermanyssus gallinae (chicken mite), or ornithonyssus bacoti (tropical rat mite). The appearance of their being carried in the air is quite correct as they are blown in from birds nests. The "dust mites" appearance and skin symptoms can seem just as you have described above.

Although the initial infection of bird mites probably came from outside your home, your pet parakeets will now play a part in the mites life cycle. You will need to deal with any wild birds nests or coops outside your home, and also with your pet birds, as you will NOT be able to break the mites life cycle as long as birds are still available to them.

Lemon juice would probably work as well as lime juice, as several Grow Youthful visitors have mentioned they have had success using it.

I suggest you read my Grow Youthful webpage on bird mites , which describes how they infect humans, their short-lived life cycle, and how they need birds as part of their life cycle and will die if birds are removed from their life cycle. The page also describes symptoms of mite bites, and how to treat bites and stop their cycle.

Regards, David Niven Miller