Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Scabies

Remedy: Diatomaceous earth / silicon

Diatomaceous earth, soluble silicon. Food sources. Supplements.

Comment posted by Walking pestilence of Americus , GA, USA on 21 December 2021 at 4:17       5325

Diatomaceous Earth is a great way to ease the agony of the mange I had been suffering with for six months now. I think I was infected by a mange-ridden puppy in my work vehicle. My employers could not keep me due to my not being able to get rid of these mites. I have moved several times. I lost everything due to the re-infestations - even my vehicle.

The doctors in my area don't know how to treat scabies but instead say I have delusional parasitosis. I have seen three medical professionals who diagnosed me with scabies but I was referred to see someone else! If I have a body rash and inflammation with bites on my body, scabies would be a proper diagnosis. I went to one hospital where an ER nurse thought my symptoms were the result of me trying to kill myself and she refused to examine me as we spoke in the lobby. She told me they have to turn everyone down because they don't have scabies when they think they do. She said I was delusional even after I presented evidence of samples and pictures.

I went to see a regular PA who said I was delusional. He looked at my tape samples full of mites and he said this looks like trash. He refused to examine me and said, I think you are crazy. I cried and he showed no sympathy. He took a skin sample and toe nail samples. His nurse called me delusional so I asked if she could give me tape to remove some of the mites between my toes. The doctor prescribed a steroid cream but not a much-needed scabicide. I was in tears. As I was leaving the nurse was looking under the microscope in the next room from me and I heard the nurse saying she has mites and what are you doing to the samples. I heard the doctor say he did not want to be a part of a controversy. I wasted $200 on seeing him not including the prescription cost. All my doctors visits cost me about $2,000 alone. So I found myself looking into farmers supply stores. I bought ivermectin topical and oral, lime sulfur dip, and dog shampoo with highest permithin percentage I can find. It seemed to work but only for a short while. I found that if you leave diatomaceous earth on the skin for three consecutive days it relieves the itching and the sensation. I have been sleeping out of a tent since a week before Thanksgiving 2021.I only have two sets of clothes left. I have nothing. It can be very cold at night. I am homeless and jobless. I had used all my money on doctors visits, cleaning equipment and supplies, and moving to get rid of these things. Diatomaceous earth will stop them but it will not cure. I wish scabies could be eradicated.

Comment posted by Susan of East Granby , Connecticut, USA on 14 November 2021 at 12:0       5319

I’ve been suffering since September 2019 with a large bird nest over my kitchen window they crawled through the air conditioner in my window. I was overwhelmed by what seemed like hundreds of them crawling on my legs up to my knees then all at once they started to bite at the same time. It was a complete nightmare. Only one bug inspector knew what it was after seeing 3 other inspectors. I lived in hotels for over a year. My apartment was completely infested with them, clothing, under all the carpets. I also had to get rid of a car due to them in the car. They are so microscopic until they’ve had a blood meal, either humans or birds then they turn black, still the size of a ball point pen tip.
I’ve just begun to use MSM and have noticed a slight improvement. Also I spray hypochlorous acid on everything including my skin and clothing, purchased online. It smells like bleach. I also just started to drink food grade diatomaceous earth twice a day. I am also using an enzyme cleaner. I’ve just taken Ivermectin 3 weeks straight. I’ve heard about an injection called Stromectol and waiting to hear from my Dr if I can get this injection once a month for 3 months.
Only a few people have heard about these mites. Most doctors cannot help, but only one dermatologist understands and is trying to help me. It can drive you crazy, hot humid days, rainy days are the worst. I’m going to get the limes and lemon as suggested on this site. It’s costing so much money to get rid of these things. Best to all of you.

Comment posted by Disappointed of Hustonville, Kentucky , USA on 18 March 2019 at 1:14       5133

I am really in a state of shock and disgust!! Back in 2010 I discovered that I had a horrible case of scabies after I did a lot of research. No thanks to the many so called doctors who told me that I was crazy and I was accused several times by some of them of being on drugs! Well, after multiple treatments with permethrin that always failed, and a ton of other home remedies, I finally found a doctor who actually believed me and didn't call me crazy. Diatomaceous earth finally worked for me. Hallelujah! I had endured 5 years of hell on earth with the scabies and was so grateful that my nightmare was over. Well, fast forward to 2019 and to my great dismay... I have them again! And still don;t know how or why I got them the first time or now. But I appreciate the advice on this forum and I wish you all well who share in my hell. Good luck and I will let you all know how it goes with my second journey with these ungodly creatures!

Comment posted by Eva of Carson City, NV, USA on 28 September 2017 at 5:38       4775

I totally agree with several of the comments about Clove Oil, which I am just starting to use and take internally. I have suffered from these mites since 2012. Now both of my feet are the sizes of footballs. I have used hydrogen peroxide 3% to spray on my feet, it helps but really stings due to so many applications. I won’t stop using it but hopefully clove oil will be my saviour. Due to 2 knee replacements it is almost impossible for me to be able to get up out of the tub so I have only done showers since 2003 and now with the feet like they are, I purchases a plastic container from Walmart that is just wide enough for two, used to be skinny feet, and deep enough to almost reach my knees. I fill it with as much hot water as I can stand with one cup of HP 3% and 1 cup of Borax, soak in this as long as the water stays hot to warm. Good ole credit cards! You’ve heard stories on how to use them for dozen of things, well I use one to scrape my feet and legs with it after my soak and you sure see a lot of stuff that comes off on the card. I’m going to mix up a mixture of the clove oil with some other oils to put on my feet and legs after the soak and scrape. Here I am, just turned 90 and never had a bug in my life and this is what NV has given me. Never had a bug in Texas and hope I can get back there before my time is up!

Blessings to all of you who have offered your cures. It’s hard to keep your sanity but don t give up. I could wring the necks of a million so called doctors for not going to a medical school who taught about these things!

One thing I would caution anyone who has an old vacuum cleaner with a fan, please be careful if you are using diatomaceous earth powder on your carpets. This stuff is wonderful but don’t use it if your vac has a fan, it will clog up the fan and break it. This happened twice to me before the repair man suggested I stop using DE or not to use that particular vacuum. Each time I used the vac to clean up DE it cost me over $200.00. That kind of money sure could have helped me to buy Clove and other oils for my blasted critters.

Comment posted by Minchy of Miami, Florida, USA on 20 March 2016 at 14:45       3956

This is the BEST remedy to kill scabies. I've had scabies for over 6 months. It was a nightmare!! I used 2 cups of Borax and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide. I took a bath, but before having the bath I applied directly to my skin grapeseed oil with diatomaceous earth food grade in equal parts. After rubbing it for 20 minutes they began to leave their burrows and I removed them. After bathing do not dry your skin with a towel, apply on your wet skin diatomaceous earth again and let it dry. Wash all clothes after every use, sheets etc with borax. Dry clothes for 70 minutes at the highest temperature, clean and disinfect the car and everything you've touched.

Comment posted by Neen of Charleston , WV, USA on 8 January 2015 at 13:9       3142

What killed my scabies...1/2 cup mineral oil and/or 1/2 cup castor oil, 1 cup borax laundry soap, ess.clove oil, ess.tea tree oil 1/4 to 1/2 tsp (adjust to your sensitivity,*oils can burn your skin if too strong*) baths. I would soak in hottest water possible with above ingredients 1/2 hr to 1 hour, longer the better. After bath pre-mix equal amounts mineral, castor, grapeseed oils, and 1/4 tsp clove, tea tree & lemongrass essential oil. Adjust as needed. Cover your body with this mixture. If you are as desperate as I was, cut a hole in a large trash bag to sleep in & wrap exposed areas(arms,legs) in saran wrap and wear latex gloves with above mixture to bed. You are doing 3 things with this, keeping oils on your skin, smothering mites, and saving sheet from a oily mess. During your day routine to dress and keep some of oil on your skin mix equal parts gold bonds medicated powder and FOOD GRADE ONLY Diatomaceous Earth, powder your body down before dressing. TRY NOT TO SCRATCH. You want to boost your immune system as much as possible because the longer you have them the stronger they get and the weaker your immune system gets. Only buy 100% essential oils anything else your wasting your money and time. Only FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth..and only cold pressed, hexane/free CASTOR oil. All of the items can be used for other ailments not just scabies infection. One more recommendation IF you have access to a sauna it will kill all cycles of scabies, just don't forget to treat your environment other wise you will just be re-infected. * you can treat animal's with all oil !*diluted*! EXCEPT NO TEA TREE again NO TEA TREE on pets. TEA TREE IS VERY HARMFUL TO ANIMAL'S AND COULD CAUSE DEATH.

Comment posted by Verlie of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 1 December 2014 at 13:3       3066

After battling these things for 18 months - and nearly going insane - I have started on Diatomaceous Earth and the itching/stinging sensations have lessened. I am taking 2 teaspoons a day in water and also making a paste and using it over my body. Good luck everyone :)

Comment posted by Pj of Salt lake, UT, USA on 28 June 2014 at 3:21       2653

Got a yeast infection and then got scabies around my genitals that spread to other parts of my body. It's been hell for three weeks. Dr. Gave me permithricin cream. Worked temporarily but they came back. Tried neem oil, tea tree oil, bleach baths, peroxide/Botox baths, sulfer soap and cream. They were all effective to a point. Then I read that hot baths combined with 2 pounds of sea salt might help. It did really cut down on them almost immediately). Sat in there for 20 to 30 minutes and this is key, I scrubbed my body with a scrubber (ostensibly because one needs to remove the layer of sebaceous oil, so the salt will reach the eggs and dry them out after the bath). This part is embarrassing, but must be said, I used a douche to clean out where more mites may be hiding (tea tree oil can be a great addition). When I got out, I don't wipe off, I drip dry. Then got some human grade diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it on myself. You can also spread it on the bed or in your sheets...any crawling bug will have it stick to their legs and kill themselves (a fitting end in my opinion). And of course, clean, clean, clean. Hope this helps someone.

Comment posted by healthier-every-day of va beach, va, USA on 7 June 2014 at 18:57       2606

Clove oil does help to kill eggs. It takes a lot of trial and error for each person to get rid of scabies - and many times you have an inner parasite load that is weakening your immune system and so you have to treat the scabies from the inside and from the outside. If you mix it with tea tree oil (and maybe oil of oregano) mixed into Olive Oil or grapeseed oil (you need the oil to penetrate the skin, so you do want to use mineral oil or others that coat. So make a mix - experiment with the essential oils - because scabies also hate orange oil, mint, etc. - and make it strong enough to smell - but not to burn your skin - experiment.
But this oil mix needs to be used in conjunction with intestinal cleansing and with two baths a day. The baths should be using the borax.
You also have to work out and work up a sweat to help sweat the bugs out. And like others have noted - stop eating sugar - stop for your health anyway, but stop right now to get rid of these critters. Try doing a bentonite clay cleanse too.
Everyone needs to have Diatomaceous earth in the house. It helps with the treatment of scabies - but it can also be eaten to kill internal parasites. It can be sprinkled around the house to kill mites.
I was told that the reason some people get scabies and others do not - comes down to immunity - and the more you build up your immune system the more your body can fight off the scabies. Do not give up = keep trying = do the borax bath and do not give up.

Comment posted by USMC of MCB CP, CA, USA on 18 October 2013 at 22:16       1474

My dog killed a rat & picked up tropical rat mites & 6 weeks later they found me....lucky me. I have suffered with this for nearly 2 years. Tropical rat mites have very painful bites 80% of them are from my rib cage to my knees. However when they crawl in my nose, ears & bite inside my anus it is sharp painful bite & a living hell. Former USMC here. Every enemy has weakness & it's up to you to exploit every single one of them mites love sugar & yeast & are drawn to it in your body. Giving up sugar for the short term is well worth it. You will notice a difference as you change your pH from an acidic to alkaline. I drink warm raw lemon/lime water everyday usually twice per day to alkalize & make my blood chemistry bitter to mites. They hate peppermint so I also drink hot peppermint tea daily. Garlic, red cayenne pepper, MSM powder mixed with half cup water....very bitter...mites hate it. Castille Peppermint Soap, Sulfur bar soap, mattress encasings after bleaching the bed & also the bed frame...then apply vasoline to the legs of the bed. Hot sauna at the gym heated to 165 degrees will kill mites on your skin. AVC, DE aka Diametaceous Earth Food Grade kills mites with microscopic cuts to their eco-skeleton is harmless to humans & pets as long as you do not inhale it. Clove oil added to coconut oil as a transport oil has been discovered in Australia to kill scabies & penetrate the eggs to kill them as well. I sleep on a hefty trash bag with my entire body covered in coconut oil/clove oil from head to toe. The large hefty trash bag is great as it will not soak up the oil like cotton sheets do. After the first night I pulled off 365 mites off my body...their size ranged from a salt granule to a splinter to what looked like an apple seed. A week later I am down to 39 mites. Anytime I feel a bit, an itch or tickle I never scratch it, I just apply more oil to suffocate them. Buy a magnifying glass from the dollar store, this really helped to find the mites on me & my white mattress encasing. I did one treatment of mixing grapeseed oil with was like a thick paste....covered me did itch, however the next day there were many dead mites all over the hefty trash bag....the combo of the oil suffocating the mites & the DE killing & cutting up any that try to escape is a good target enemy for these parasites. DE Food Grade from Pet Supply here in CA goes for a $19.95 a 2 pound bag. I bag all of my clothes in black hefty bags & place them outside & let the sun bake the new eggs hatch the heat will kill them. I will wash them in 6 weeks & hope this will kill any remaining mites. By keeping the oil on you at all times you will break the egg cycle. I had them so bad around my waist line & on my rear it was very difficult to wear underwear or pants without feeling biting or an extreme itching or both. Vasoline also works to suffocate them. I buy one infused with cocoa butter. Going to give the borax with peroxide bath a try tonight. Appreciate this forum to help support one another in this battle of the bugs. Semper Fi, USMC