Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Scabies

Remedy: Cloves / clove oil

You can buy whole cloves in a supermarket or Asian store. Clove oil is available in some health food shops, but is sold more widely as an essential oil. If buying the essential oil, make sure it is made from real cloves and is pure.

Clove oil is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Place a single drop under the tongue once per day.

Clove oil is an anaesthetic and antiseptic, making it particularly suitable for toothache and infections.

Comment posted by Oneinheaven of Tom Bean, TX, USA on 16 July 2022 at 0:51       5368

We had scabies. We didn’t realize it for a while so they were really bad when we did realize. When I found this website, my husband’s left leg was swollen into his foot he was so infested. He started borax HP baths immediately and was 75% better in about 3 days. Then he stalled out. He realized they were in his hair so he had to start soaking his head for about 20 minutes in his baths. After a few weeks he was about 95-98% better. During this time he’d take ivermectin. In all he said he took 17 doses. We use the one from tractor supply dosed by weight. One thing you’re not told is the iver seems to rile up the scabies so he always had some added rash after a dose. We chose not to use permethrin. My husband had so many sores I couldn’t imagine putting poison on his skin. We are VERY natural minded.

Next story is mine. The scabies finally got me about 2 months after my husband. After fighting them 2 months, I was worse chasing them all over. Disheartening to say the least. One day I was doing more reading on scabies and came across moxidectin. It sounded promising with similar side effects to iver which is minor minimal yet a much longer half-life in the body. I was so frustrated I took it doses by weight on the tube again, tractor supply. The scabies seemed to be more active after taking it which I expected so I was doing 2-3 borax baths a day. I ended up adding ACV and epsom salts too. The borax and bathing degrades the acid mantle of the skin which actually gives the scabies more open feeding so it’s a double edged sword imho. Anyway, 12 days after taking moxi I woke up and felt different like they’d left. My sores quickly began to heal and I didn’t feel vulnerable anymore. I’m now almost 3 weeks out from the moxi dose. It took almost 2 weeks for the moxi to run them off. I’m still bathing once a day, sleeping on a drop cloth and hot washing all clothes and linens in borax.

My husband took a dose of moxi when he was far enough out from his last iver dose to be safe. He did experience some breakout the next few days but the moxi seems to have taken effect quicker on him. We did SO MUCH MORE to mitigate or deal with the awful spreading bumps. Lots of Diatomaceous earth. We found tea tree, rosemary, clove and lavender essential oils to be the most effective. However scabies still spread we couldn’t rid the body completely. They were in my nose! Someone needs to figure out what is different in some people’s body chemistry to make them impervious. Our 15 year old daughter was never affected. This has been horrific and my heart goes out to everyone dealing with it. We even found many things to be grateful for throughout this ordeal. III John 1 2 Beloved I pray that you may prosper and be in good health just as your soul prospers. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Comment posted by Mik of Melbourne , VIC , Australia on 5 October 2017 at 21:29       4781

I’ve had a mite infection since 2012. I developed it before my 44 days of court and was taking drugs with the stress. Idiot, I know. But oh well it’s done now... I suffered, lost my hair line, eye lashes and my freakin mind! Mites were in my nose, under my arms, all over my shoulders my cheeks and eyebrows.
Yeast fungi is related to demodex and so is your immune system and for people like me major stress events caused the initial outbreak. Once you are susceptible to them once, you’ll always be so it’s a matter of maintaining a healthy low sugar anti-candida diet with a few supps and a good shampoo with tea tree oil, coconut oil and clove oil. I used 100 different remedies Ivermectin, TTO, ethanol, sulphurs, multi vitamins, cleaner diet and no matter what I just could not get them fully under control. I tried an anti histamine called aureus, it cured me completely for 6 weeks then all the sudden my body got used to it and they came back worse than ever. I spent all this money on products when all I needed was TTO, clove oil and coconut oil in my shampoo and a herb called Pau d-arco. It’s a bark from the Amazon that controls yeast and fungus on the skin! It regulated my problem on my skin and has completely cured me. I have a problem worth 5 now compared to 100 previously. Mik

Comment posted by Eva of Carson City, NV, USA on 28 September 2017 at 5:38       4775

I totally agree with several of the comments about Clove Oil, which I am just starting to use and take internally. I have suffered from these mites since 2012. Now both of my feet are the sizes of footballs. I have used hydrogen peroxide 3% to spray on my feet, it helps but really stings due to so many applications. I won’t stop using it but hopefully clove oil will be my saviour. Due to 2 knee replacements it is almost impossible for me to be able to get up out of the tub so I have only done showers since 2003 and now with the feet like they are, I purchases a plastic container from Walmart that is just wide enough for two, used to be skinny feet, and deep enough to almost reach my knees. I fill it with as much hot water as I can stand with one cup of HP 3% and 1 cup of Borax, soak in this as long as the water stays hot to warm. Good ole credit cards! You’ve heard stories on how to use them for dozen of things, well I use one to scrape my feet and legs with it after my soak and you sure see a lot of stuff that comes off on the card. I’m going to mix up a mixture of the clove oil with some other oils to put on my feet and legs after the soak and scrape. Here I am, just turned 90 and never had a bug in my life and this is what NV has given me. Never had a bug in Texas and hope I can get back there before my time is up!

Blessings to all of you who have offered your cures. It’s hard to keep your sanity but don t give up. I could wring the necks of a million so called doctors for not going to a medical school who taught about these things!

One thing I would caution anyone who has an old vacuum cleaner with a fan, please be careful if you are using diatomaceous earth powder on your carpets. This stuff is wonderful but don’t use it if your vac has a fan, it will clog up the fan and break it. This happened twice to me before the repair man suggested I stop using DE or not to use that particular vacuum. Each time I used the vac to clean up DE it cost me over $200.00. That kind of money sure could have helped me to buy Clove and other oils for my blasted critters.

Question posted by Scratchy of Maidstone, Kent, UK on 27 January 2017 at 22:20       4443

I have scabies, worst thing ever. I'm was taking permethrin 2 x and derbac-m 2 x and it still itched, so I'm trying clove oil and ground clove powder mixed into food grade virgin coconut oil, melted and applied everywhere. Have any of you had success and how often should I apply? I also mixed clove oil, citronella oil and tea tree for furnishings, matress, car etc and wash all clothes on 60 degree wash then high heat dryer cycle.

Comment posted by Debbie of Duluth, MN, USA on 3 December 2016 at 14:19       4388

I used 15 drops of clove oil, 10 drops of rosemary oil, and 10 drops of teatree oil in 1/2 bottle of shampoo. I use this every day on my hair and on my private areas. Everyday out of the shower I mix 25 squirts of lotion with 10 drops each of clove oil, tea tree oil and any other oil I feel like that day - sometimes lemon, grapefruit, frankincense, etc. I lather on face and all over body. I clean the house and clothes as others have discussed. I bring lotion to work the same as I described above and put on my hands after every handwashing. I also rub it into any place I feel an issue during the day. This has been 11 days and it is working! I had this 15 years ago from my work, so I knew what I was dealing with pretty early.
From my past exposure I know what it feels like when it is going away and then being reinfected. This is working better and faster than when I was getting prescriptions from the doctors! I plan on continuing this for another 2 weeks, as there are no side effects, only relief. Also of note, I have not been eating sugar or refined flour, for the most part, for 5 years. I also take multivitamins.

Comment posted by WhatBugisIt of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 14 October 2016 at 15:2       4308

Hi Itchscratchy, I had exactly the same symptoms and suffering since Nov 2015. Tiny red marks appear whenever the creepy crawling feeling is felt. I noticed too it seemed to go to where the veins are. It gets into my nose, ears and around eyelids. Scalp and backside itching is worst. It seemed to be very active in the evening. My legs and skin look horrible with patches like being grazed and it seemed to cause hemorrage under skin and whereever there is a pin prick mark. My skin looks so mottled and apparently there is like a fatty lump whenever they invade. Whereever the invasion is, contact with warm to hot water or vinegar becomes very painful. The other day I could feel like a nettle pricking and forcing its way into the top of my left hand. The feeling is like there is a nettle on your skin. It took 4-8 weeks to clear. I have been given permethrin, benzyl benzoate, lice treatment, both oral and topical ivermectin, praziquantel and herbal tincture black walnut, cloves and wormwood. The ivermectin and permethrin appeared to keep them quiet when I was on it but the creepy crawling feeling eventually came back. The feeling is varied, some parts like something crawling, or feather tickle on face neck etc. Sometimes it felt like speedy movements up and down the legs, shin and calves. I find little white dots like skin sheddings on my dark clothes especially silk or polyester shows them up. I made a cream from the walnut, clove and wormwood tincture but didn't seem to shut them up. Dermatologists and doctors have yet to give me a right diagnosis, making it very difficult to treat.

Comment posted by Itchy scratchy of Phoenix, Arizona, USA on 28 August 2016 at 16:49       4211

I have been battling scabies for a month or so. It's the most horrifying thing I've ever experienced in my life. It's robbed me of money and time doing laundry, cleaning like a maniac almost like a full time job. I tried 3 different treatments of Permethrin and it did nothing, I still experienced the creepy crawly feeling 3 days later like getting bit in the butt and poked with needles in all different parts of my body on my back, my stomach, my breasts. I went to an essential oil sales meeting the other night and I shared with one of the girls what I was going through and she told me to use melaluca oil and clove oil. I've tried them in every kind of spray bottle container and put it as strong as I can stand it because I want to kill these suckers.
I'm uncertain about the tiny red dots. I'm assuming they are new burrows. Someone said it is an after-effect of treatment. Not sure. I'm exhausted from cleaning. I cried so hard yesterday when I saw all those red dots all over my stomach and breasts. Last night I smothered myself with the clove and melaluca oil. I put a little bit alcohol into spray liquid. I added them to coconut oil and I smothered myself in mel and clove coconut oil. Today I was sitting out in the sun for a little while and I felt a little bit better like not so itchy and being poked with needles so I'm hoping that the clove oil will help over the next days. I'm going to try plastic sheathing and wrapping my body in it tomorrow. Worst experience of my life.

Question posted by Ten of Quezon City, Novaliches, Philippines on 7 August 2016 at 6:57       4186

I wanted to ask Neen of Charleston how many days or weeks did he/she have to do all the regiments until the mites are killed? I am right now following his/her advice. Thank you very much.

Comment posted by wellstweet4 of Torrance, California, USA on 2 July 2015 at 14:11       3548

My 11-year old daughter brought scabies into our lives in April 2015. Her pediatrician diagnosed her with lice as she was itching her head for about 2 weeks. However, upon completing the lice shampoo and comb in my hand - I did not see ANY lice or egg at all. I then called a friend who confirmed I would see something if she had lice. At my friend's suggestion, I purchased Tea Tree Oil Scalp Treatment Oil and oiled my daughter's head for 7 straight nights in a row! I mean I rolled it up in a bun in that oil and made her sleep like that. Her itchy scalp left her. However, I soon had red rashes all over my arms and spread to my legs, ankles, feet and soon chest. I didn't know what I was dealing with until my own doctor confirmed it was scabies. I had to google it. Previously, I was applying calamine lotion and carried it in my purse at work. I did the Permithrin cream but my doctor did not explain anything. He honestly thought that cream was the cure-all. Thanks to this website I soon found my clove oil cure. At first, I bought Tea Tree oil, Neem oil, Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus Oil, sulfur soaps, and Tea Tree shampoo (although I never got it on my scalp like my daughter did).
Then I learned about clove oil and how it will kill the eggs. I read the Australian study on clove oil and scabies and was convinced that was the way to go. I purchased clove oil and mixed it with coconut oil. I went to Whole Foods to get it. I sprayed my body from the neck down every night after a shower, before I went to bed. In the mornings, I sprayed again before I went to work. I carried a bottle of clove oil in my purse with q-tips. Every time I felt an itch - I put clove oil directly on my skin. I never scratched the rash because I had read early on not to do that. During my initial research on scabies, it did not sink in about cleaning my environment like a maniac. After 2 weeks of scabies, I had an epiphany and started to wash all laundry, bedding, lysol shoes Clorox wipe all electronics. I did not start using the clove oil until after 1 month of scabies. By then, I infected my 2 teenage sons because I still did not realize how highly contagious it was. My second son got it from me by holding hands in church! What worked for me was using the clove oil/coconut oil in a spray bottle, using borax and a little water to make a scrub in the shower, using a blow dryer on low heat on every scabies rash until I could not take it anymore - everyday! And continue with the cleaning routine - laundry on high heat dryer for 30 minutes and separate your clothes in a trash bag from others or go directly into dryer, spraying mattresses with Permithrin spray and then wrapping mattresses in painter's plastic, sleeping in just a comforter and 1 pillow, putting borax into the carpet and leaving it there for a week, then vaccuum, treating my car with the permithrin spray and my office chair and immediate surroundings. I also took garlic pills and drank peppermint tea because I read about those items internally can help along with multi-vitamins.
In summary, it was the clove oil that really turned it around for me. I had scabies a total of 2 months and I am still doing everything because one of my kids still has it. I have not itched or seen any new rashes in 17 days (my second time around as I got re-infected after 14 days of no itch). There is a post-scabies where small pink dots may look like scabies again and I immediately apply clove oil. However, it is just an allergic reaction from the dead scabies. If you must take care of other family members, please use plastic gloves - even their laundry. Also have hand sanitizers handy in the rooms of your house.

Comment posted by scabies of jacksonville, Florida, USA on 29 April 2015 at 14:55       3434

I used diluted clove oil at about 8-10%. It burned a little but I used it on my face, eyelids, around mouth, nose and genitals and all over my body and scalp. It got rid of my scabies. I used mixed w/ lotion, olive oil or grapeseed oil.

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