Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Bladder infection

Remedy: Uva ursi leaves

Comment posted by MightyMad of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada on 20 July 2014 at 16:46       2711

Remedy Uva Ursi Leaves made Into Concentrate
Hi just wanted to tell about a treatment that I first got from my niece in Switzerland for UTI that really works. After I had a hysterectomy, I had terrible bouts of bladder infections, never ending. Everytime I went to the Dr. Was prescribed antibiotics and constantly hyper about drinking plenty of water, peeing regularly, etc. to no avail. Then I was told about Uva Ursi leaves that is actually made into a tea in Switzerland that you can buy however is not allowed in Canada. After researching the ingredients and reading some scientic journals on the web about Uva Ursi leaves used in treatment for UTI with great success rates, thought darn it all, I'll make my own. Where to find the leaves? So I went to our local health food store and wouldn't you know it, here were several sealed packages of the leaves. I studied on the web that you need to take Two Tablespoons crushed leaves and two cups of water, boil down and strain to one cup into sterilized container. Store in fridge and take 1 Tablespoon morning and night. Although it tastes like something cows would love, yucky, and drink lots of water, guess what? It takes about a week. Do NOT take highe doses thinking it's better as it is toxic to a fair degree if you take it more than five times per year. I have NOT had a UTI since April and feel great 'down there'! Also my pee really clear and good colour so I know everything is great. By the way, there are no directions or info on the packages of Uva Ursi as I guess that Canadian health regulations or rather big pharma would rather you NOT know about this. Was used BEFORE the advent of antibiotics apparently and interestingly, the company from Switzerland is not allowed to ship this product here.